Celebrate June 27: New Jersey Ranks #1 In National Bingo Winners

June 27 is National Bingo Day, an opportunity for lovers of one of the most popular games in the world to celebrate their obsession with daubing!

In the spirit of National Bingo Day, Fort Mason Games surveyed over 1,000 Americans about their love for this classic American game. I’d like to suggest a story about how Fort Mason Games is putting the Bingo hall in the palm of your hand with a chance to win real prizes without spending a dime.

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Fort Mason Games— the female run mobile gaming company that brought you Lucky Scratch with live Bingo for free and real cash prizes— is calling out numbers every hour for 24 straight hours on June 27 for free right inside the Lucky Scratch app and people are winning big!

Here are some of the most interesting findings!

New Jersey Wins The Most Jackpots; Hawaii Wins The Least

While 73% of Americans have won a game of Bingo and 43% have won a jackpot. The state that has the most jackpot winners is surprisingly, New Jersey; 60% of Garden Staters claim to have taken home the top prize. (And on the flip side, Hawaii, has the fewestt jackpot winners; 9% of the Aloha State residents claim to have won big.)

More People Are Playing More Than You Think

Bingo has a strong and dedicated fan base across the country. Nevada takes the top spot with 40% of Nevadans saying they play Bingo often.

Below are the top 10 states where people play Bingo very often.

  1. Nevada- 40%
  2. Alabama- 25%
  3. Kentucky- 20%
  4. Tennessee- 16%
  5. Indiana- 15%
  6. Maryland- 14%
  7. North Carolina- 13%
  8. Minnesota- 12%
  9. Connecticut- 11%
  10. Florida- 10%

Bingo Is Exciting, But Also A Stress Reliever

We all know the exhilaration that comes from yelling Bingo at the top of your lungs, in fact, 77% of Americans say the game is fun and exciting. 71% say it helps to relieve their stress.

It's A Great Way To Socialize

For decades, people across the country have enjoyed playing Bingo with others whether in person or socializing virtually within their Bingo mobile apps. Which is no surprise since 89% of Americans consider it a great way to socialize.

To play Bingo for free simply download the Lucky Scratch app. Games are held daily and players can win real money. AND, on National Bingo Day there will be hourly Bingo games held round the clock. For more information about National Bingo Day, visit nationaltoday.com/national-bingo-day or see Fort Mason Games’ National Bingo Day survey infographic at fortmasongames.com/bingo.

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