NASA’s Dragonfly Drone Will Survey Titan For Life

NASA’s Dragonfly Drone Will Survey Titan For Life
Image credit: NASA/JHU-APL

After spotting methane lakes and simulating the environment on Saturn’s moon Titan, NASA wants to send a drone that will survey Titan looking for life. NASA’s drone is called Dragonfly, and it will fly across Saturn’s moon to examine sites and samples that could carry information about alien life.

NASA’s drone is scheduled to launch in 2026 and expected to arrive at Saturn’s icy moon in 2034. According to NASA’s announcement, Dragonfly will perform plenty of flybys and examine different locations on Titan which could support chemical processes that are also common on Earth.

Scientists say Titan is easily comparable to early conditions on Earth and could provide an idea of how life as we know it on Earth came into existence. During its mission, the spacecraft will explore various areas, from the moon’s organic dunes to the impact craters where water and other organic materials gather. The spacecraft will also explore the composition of Titan’s atmosphere, subsurface ocean and liquid reservoirs.