The Hot 2019 Summer Trend Is Retro Board Games On Your Phone

Beloved board games of yesteryear like Scrabble, Monopoly, and Battleship hold a special place in our hearts. These retro games are now making a huge comeback this summer on your mobile phone, notes Kate Gorman (bio at the bottom of article).


Gorman opines:

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While some argue board games are outdated, it’s quite the opposite: Classic games are enjoyed by adults today not only for their entertainment value, but for their impact on many different areas of culture. Here are a few interesting facts you may not know about these retro amusements:


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  • Parker Brothers prints 30 times more Monopoly money every year than the United States prints real money.
  • Scrabble is an official sport in several African countries, including Senegal and Mali.
  • The phrase “back to square one” takes inspiration from the game Chutes and Ladders.

In a recent world-wide survey of over 3,000 adults, games like Bingo and Monopoly remain favorites well into adulthood. Here’s a sample of the survey results:

  • The #1 worldwide favorite board game is Bingo with 56.6% citing it as their favorite
  • A very close second is Monopoly with 56.3% citing it
  • The #3 favorite board game is Yahtzee with 34.6% citing it

Companies like Fort Mason Games are bringing classic board games back to life on our mobile devices. Their Lucky Scratch mobile game,  a free to play scratch-off and match game that rewards players with real prizes, is tapping into America’s love of nostalgic board games with its new daily live Bingo with a modern twist – awarding real prizes to winners instantly and digitally.

This is not your grandma’s Bingo. In the recent board games survey, over 80% said that Bingo brings back fond memories of childhood. Now, Fort Mason games is making Bingo, fresh, modern and profitable by awarding electronic gift cards and real cash via PayPal to winners.

What’s your favorite game? Tell us in the comments!

Kate Gorman was the youngest female product leader at Zynga and grew their Hit it Rich! Brand to over $140MM, was a Forbes 30 Under 30 winner, and who founded Fort Mason Games in her 20’s to re-invent games. In addition, b-roll is available here.