Galaxy Note 10 Exynos Processor May Be Built On 7nm Process

Galaxy Note 10 Exynos Processor May Be Built On 7nm Process

As the expected release date approaches, we’re hearing more and more about the Samsung Galaxy Note 10. Now we’re hearing that the Note 10 processor might be built on the 7-nanometer process, at least in some markets. It sounds like the Exynos-equipped Note 10 models may sport a 7nm processor, although Qualcomm’s Snapdragon version of it might not be ready until next year

Rumor about the Note 10 processor

This new rumor about the Note 10 processor comes from Korean news outlet Theelec , which reports that Samsung is in talks to start mass-producing the 7nm Snapdragon 865 chips by the end of the year. Citing unnamed sources, the news site reports that Qualcomm is adding the finishing touches to the chips and planning a release next year. We would note that this suggests the Snapdragon 865 may not debut until the Galaxy S11 early next year. The Galaxy Note 10 is expected to be released in August or possibly September, so it may have the same chip that’s in the S10.

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However, there is an important distinction to be made here. Theelec also reports that Samsung started producing its own 7nm Exynos chip to be used in the Note 10 this year. Taking both of these tidbits together, it sounds like the Galaxy Note 10 processor for the U.S. variant won’t be built on the 7nm process because Samsung typically uses Qualcomm’s Snapdragon chips for its devices. However, the company uses its own Exynos chip in most other markets.

The Exynos chip used in the Galaxy S10 devices this year is based on an 8nm process, so it remains to be seen just how much of a performance improvement there will be between generations.

Other  rumors

We’ve been hearing plenty of other rumors about the Note 10, and we expect a steady stream of reports until the device is finally revealed. For example, we’ve known for some time to expect multiple variants of the Note 10, including a larger and smaller pair and 5G variants of each. We also expect the device to lack the 3.5mm headphone jack as Samsung will likely buckle to the pressure spreading throughout the smartphone market.

The design could feature a hole-punch display with the hole in the center of the display. Some reports have also suggested that the standard model could have a slightly smaller 6.3-inch display, while the larger Pro model could have a massive 6.75-inch screen. We’ve also heard mention of a quad-lens camera for the Pro model and a triple-lens camera for the standard model. In addition to the faster Note 10 processor, it’s expected to have a much faster charger.

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