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Fitbit Not Syncing Or Pairing? Try These Trouble-Shooting Tips

Some Fitbits are not syncing or pairing since the latest update. The good news is the company is working on the problem, although it’s unclear when there will be a fix for the issue. The bad news is that there doesn’t seem to be a workaround for the issue.

Fitbit not syncing or pairing

PiunikaWeb spotted the growing number of complaints about Fitbits not syncing or pairing with devices. Some users are reporting issues with their devices not syncing to MyFitnessPal, while others say their Fitbit is not syncing with their phone or other device. For many users, the problem started after they installed the latest update, although some are even saying that the update won’t install even though the update has been flashed.

Most of the reports are similar and along the lines of this tweet: “Hey, my Fitbit and app are displaying different information – and no matter how many times I reset and sync, the app isn’t updating. Any ideas?”

In response to this tweet, Fitbit tweeted that it’s aware of the problem and working on a fix:

Trouble-shooting steps for the problem

Other Twitter users said they did try a number of workarounds for the problem with their Fitbit not syncing. Some of these attempts include switching everything off and back on, including Wi-Fi, 4G and Bluetooth. The company responded by asking one user to see if she had followed all the trouble-shooting steps for syncing Fitbit devices with smartphones, tablets or computers.

Fitbit provided device-specific trouble-shooting steps here. These steps are probably worth a try if your Fitbit is not syncing or pairing, although given how widespread the issue seems to be, it may go beyond standard trouble-shooting steps. If these methods don’t work for you, you may have to simply wait until the company releases a fix.

MyFitnessPal also responded to the issue with Fitbits not syncing. The company said it has “a large backlog of Fitbit sync requests” to process and advises users not to re-link their accounts because it will increase the backlog of requests even more. MyFitnessPal also said some users who have unlinked their accounts are having problems and receiving an error when they try to reconnect their Fitbit to their account. MyFitnessPal’s full response is here. Although the app’s developers are working on a fix on their end, it sounds like this could be a widespread issue affecting phones and tablets in addition to this app.