The Cities With The Most Working Seniors: DC Is Number Two

More and more people in this country find themselves working later in the life despite the many dreams of early retirement. The harsh reality is that most people find themselves among the so-called working seniors holding jobs into their late 60s and early 70s these days.

Provision Living recently performed a detailed analysis using U.S. census data to determine the U.S. Cities with the most working seniors (ages 65 and above). The broke down the top 25 cities with seniors still in the workforce as well as the senior population of each city.


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Listed below are the top 25 working seniors cities:

  1. Plano, Texas (25.4%) – Senior population 34,164
  2. Washington, D.C. (24.1%) – Senior population 79,769
  3. Anchorage, Alaska (24.0%) – Senior population 28,148
  4. Minneapolis, Minnesota (23.4%) – Senior population 37,718
  5. Garland, Texas (23.1%) – Senior population 26,302
  6. Austin, Texas (22.8%) – Senior population 76,788
  7. Durham, North Carolina (22.6%) – Senior population 27,781
  8. Dallas, Texas (22.5%) – Senior population 127,622
  9. Nashville, Tennessee (22.4%) – Senior population 73,240
  10. Irving, Texas (22.4%) – Senior population 17,417
  11. Lubbock, Texas (22.0%) – Senior population 28,413
  12. Houston, Texas (22.0) – Senior population 228,460
  13. Arlington, Texas (21.8%) – Senior population 38,652
  14. Seattle, Washington (21.7%) – Senior population 83,068
  15. Lincoln, Nebraska (21.6%) – Senior population 34,621
  16. Raleigh, North Carolina (21.4%) – Senior population 43,725
  17. Huntington Beach, California (21.3%) – Senior population 33,768
  18. Oklahoma City, Oklahoma (21.2%) – Senior population 74,930
  19. Virginia Beach, Virginia (20.8%) – Senior population 57,339
  20. Los Angeles, California (20.6%) – Senior population 462,838
  21. Scottsdale, Arizona (20.6%) – Senior population 55,093
  22. Omaha, Nebraska (20.6%) – Senior population 56,803
  23. Charlotte, North Carolina (20.5%) – Senior population 80,050
  24. Yonkers, New York (20.4%) – Senior population 32,928
  25. Santa Clarita, California (20.2%) – Senior population 23,354

As you can see from the results there are some states that are well represented among working seniors, especially Texas and North Carolina who each had several cities make the list. The second part of the analysis analyzed the cities where the senior workforce has grown the most since 2009. Not surprisingly several of the top cities from the first list also made the second list. Durham North Carolina topped the list with an incredible 109% growth in senior workforce in the last decade. Plano, Texas that topped the first list, came in second on this list with a 99% growth in working seniors since 2009. Rounding out the top ten were Austin Texas, Gilbert Town Arizona, Portland Oregon, Boise Idaho, Corpus Christi Texas, Fontana California, Raleigh North Carolina and San Jose California.

The full rankings and analysis on working seniors from Provision Living can be seen in the graphics below.

Senior Population working seniors

Working Seniors