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Call Of Duty: Mobile For iPhone And Android Open In Australia

Call of Duty: Mobile is now available to iPhone and Android users in Australia. Although players in the rest of the world will have to wait a bit longer, the limited launch of Call of Duty: Mobile for iPhone and Android devices means the international launch might be near.

Call of Duty: Mobile for iPhone, Android

Call of Duty: Mobile for iPhone and Android devices is probably one of the most-anticipated titles right now. The free-to-play game brings the most popular game modes to mobile devices, such as Free-for-All, Domination, Hardpoint, Battle Royale and Team Deathmatch.

Here’s the official trailer for Call of Duty: Mobile.

If you don’t live in Australia and are anxiously waiting for Call of Duty: Mobile on iPhone and Android devices, you can pre-register to be notified when it’s available here.

Reviews are positive so far

Gaming’s biggest conference, E3, was held last week, and mobile games tended to take a backseat as they usually do. However, the earliest reviews of Call of Duty: Mobile seem to be good so far. The folks at Digital Trends said although most mobile games are simply not good, Call of Duty seems to be worth the hype. They didn’t feel like the game was watered down much for mobile devices as many games are when they’re ported from a console to mobile platforms.

Playing shooters on mobile devices also creates another set of potential problems with the controls, but apparently, Call of Duty has taken this into consideration. One of the control options involves using the left thumb to move and the right thumb to aim, while firing occurs automatically as soon as an enemy is in the crosshairs. The other set of controls includes a button to aim down the sights of the gun, and firing the gun only happens when it’s being aimed.

Wccftech found that the game is designed to be played in short segments rather than longer 20-minute matches. There are also plenty of weapon classes and variants and fan-favorite maps from the franchise. As far as monetization, Activision keeping quiet, so we will have to wait and see what that entails.