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Apple has come a considerably long way from Macintosh in 1984 and with it, came some impressive improvements to their interfaces, usability, and programs.  With Apple’s innovation and forward-thinking, an up to date antivirus is needed to safeguard their newest programs.  Bitdefender has proven to not only be affordable but also more than adequate to quietly and proactively halt any unwanted malicious software from corrupting the Mac PC’s software.


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As mentioned previously, Bitdefender offers affordable cybersecurity specifically catered to the Apple Mac.  It has undergone independent and in-house tests giving it the thumbs-up for the detection of cross-platform malware that has been designed specifically to corrupt the Mac OS.  It has features such as machine protection, which enables the user to protect the files that may be vulnerable to dangerous ransomware. A malicious malware, which encrypts files and leaves them inoperable. Bitdefender Shield which when switched on, protects your files like a cyber ninja by identifying and removing threats before you could bat an eye.  Safe File is a feature which prohibits unauthorized parties to make changes to your valuable and or personal files.  Last but certainly not least in the protection features, there’s Adblocker which polices and blocks all annoying pop-ups and ads you may have mistakenly agreed to previously.  Now that the defense is out of the way, let’s have a look at its performance.  Many a PC user has complained about the speed of their PC as an antivirus runs in the background.  But not Bitdefender.  With ultra-high speeds, Bitdefender does what it needs to with ease and accuracy. There is a 24/7 cloud-based guard duty via Bitdefender antivirus, which uses its artificial intelligence to constantly patrol for new threats which may rear their ugly heads as necessary program updates are done. Autopilot is another amazing feature, which does as its name suggests.  It stands alongside you to help recommend security systems in the context of your PC’s overall needs. Regarding your privacy, Bitdefender has you covered with Bitdefender VPN which protects your online presence, web attack prevention which protects your online shopping and transactions, anti-phishing and parental control for filtering inappropriate content not suitable for children.

Bitdefender Antivirus for Mac offers more than an antivirus.  It offers peace of mind for whatever you may be using your device for be it business or personal.  For as long as Apple has a vision of longevity I have no doubt that Bitdefender will be right next to them, assisting them with a cybersecurity software solution which tops the rest!

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