Apple’s Latest ‘Shot On iPhone’ Ad Captures India’s Love For Cricket

Apple’s Latest ‘Shot On iPhone’ Ad Captures India’s Love For Cricket
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With cricket fever running high thanks to the ongoing ICC Cricket World Cup 2019, Apple India has come up with a new “Shot on iPhone” ad. The ad titled “Our Game” highlights cricket and celebrates India’s love of cricket.

Though cricket is played in a lot of countries, in India it is the most popular sport. In fact, it is more than just a sport in the country with people of all ages passionate about the game.  This latest Shot on iPhone ad tries to capture that passion by showing people in India playing cricket irrespective of their age, location or disabilities.

Apple’s latest Shot on iPhone ad coincides with the ICC Cricket World Cup 2019 in England and Wales. The 38-second video shot on the iPhone Xs featured on Apple’s India website and showcases various groups of people playing cricket on a beach, alley and traditional field. Also, the ad features the chorus from “Dreadlock Holiday,” by 10cc.

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“It’s the spirit of India, captured in a game, a love story that spans more than a billion hearts. Come, celebrate cricket the way India does,” Apple says. The video is accompanied by a photo album of India cricketers.

Apple has been releasing Shot on iPhone ads for the past several years, but this is Apple’s first cricket-focused ad. Clearly, Apple wants to benefit from the World Cup fever that has gripped the country.

In 2016, Apple CEO Tim Cook even attended an IPL (Indian Premier League) match, and said that he was “hooked to it (Cricket).”

Apple’s primary aim with the Shot on iPhone campaign is to showcase the camera abilities of the iPhones. The campaign mostly focuses on photos and videos from amateurs, but it sometimes highlights works of professionals as well.

Anyone can become a part of this campaign. If you believe you have taken a good photo from your iPhone, then you can share it on social media with the #shotoniphone hashtag, or with more specific hashtags, such as #ShotOniPhoneXS, #ShotOniPhoneMax or #shotoniphonexr. Apple may use them in their media campaigns.

Apple’s latest ad is part of the company’s localized marketing campaign that the company has been running over the past few years. In some of the earlier Shot on iPhone videos, Apple has shown professional hockey players in Canada, the Cuban surfing community, a teenage athlete from American Samoa, the Brazilian Carnival and more.

Last week, Apple came up with another shot on the iPhone XS ad, called Experiments III: Cascade. Recently, Apple also released an ad for the AirPods 2 showing the wireless charging case.

Apple’s latest ad can also be seen as an answer to Google’s Duo ad that appears during the commercial breaks of ICC Cricket World Cup matches. The ad features Virat Kohli (captain of an Indian cricket team) and Anushka Sharma (Bollywood actress).

As with previous iPhones, Apple was expected to come up with camera upgrades with the 2019 iPhones as well. However, if a recent report is to be believed, Apple has ditched one major camera upgrade for this year’s phone.

As per a report from The Telegraph, a UK-based company named Nanoco had an agreement with a big unnamed U.S.-based company. This unnamed company is believed to be Apple, and the report says that the company was supposed to fund Nanoco’s production facilities in Cheshire.

Nanoco is known for its “quantum dot” technology, which is primarily used in TV screens, monitors and mobile displays. Apple, however, was planning to use the technology in the watch. Apart from the watch, Apple was reportedly planning to use the quantum dot technology for better iPhone camera performance. Use of the quantum dot tech helps with precise control of light, resulting in better camera sensors.

As per the Telegraph, the quantum dot technology could help with better quality photos along with improved augmented reality capabilities. Despite being so useful, Apple reportedly scrapped the project with the supplier.

It is believed that Apple scrapped the work after realizing that it would be very expensive to continue with the project. Instead of the quantom dot, the iPhone maker has reportedly decided to go with the laser-powered 3D scanners.

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