33 Rules For A Businessperson From Richard Branson

33 Rules For A Businessperson From Richard Branson
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Such a phrase as “your call is essential for us, but now all operators are busy” irritates only. Here is what Virgin’s customers hear:

“Hello, my name is Richard Branson; I am the owner of the airline. Now all operators are busy. It is a mess. Let us do the following: if after 18 seconds no one answers your call, you will receive a 450-pound discount. I start the countdown – 18, 17, 16, 15 … ”

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The client listens and dreams about one thing only so that the operator does not pick up the phone.

One of the wealthiest and most famous businesspersons of our time, Richard Branson, invented this brilliant business move, like many others. He is energetic and slightly extravagant - these qualities probably helped him in 10 years to transform a small music store into an international multi-business.

He is known for his extravagant antics, including repeated attempts to break various world records. For this, he is called a hippie-billionaire businessperson who loves to break down stereotypes.

A cult businessperson is convinced that a successful business can only be built in one case: if you approach it with a soul and its 33 inspirational rules are:

  1. If you are an entrepreneur and did not make mistakes, then you are not an entrepreneur.
  2. In life, only death and taxes are inevitable, and in business, you can be sure of one thing: one day, not everything will go according to plan.
  3. Do not get involved if you do not like it.
  4. I have always treated the business as pleasant entertainment, and sometimes I forget where work ends and where personal life begins.
  5. Money is a lousy indicator of success. Worse, only glory.
  6. I am always happy when my service is terrible. No, I am not a masochist at all - just the best of my business ideas arose when I was poorly served.
  7. My willingness to listen to someone else's opinion and accept offers that are better than mine have always helped me all 40 years that I have been doing business.
  8. Morality is not a hollow sound in the business. It makes all the sense.
  9. Business is designed to improve and enrich the lives of people; otherwise, it is not worth starting.
  10. It is much better to promise less and give more than the other way around.
  11. An entrepreneur should not consider failure a negative experience: it is just a plot on the training curve.
  12. The success that has come to you once will not feed you all your life.
  13. For me, there is nothing worse than hearing employees apologize for their employer.
  14. I still prefer to talk to people, rather than chatting.
  15. I tried all my life to keep as far as possible from the cabinets and mostly worked in three places: at home, on a yacht, and in a hammock.
  16. Making friends with your enemies is a good rule for both business and life.
  17. Luck does not come by itself: you need to work on it.
  18. In business, as in life, it is essential to do well.
  19. I am a happy man. I always laugh. I love people, life, good jokes. I agree that laughter ennobles the soul.
  20. In entrepreneurship, there is no place for the conservative type of thinking, because it cuts your wings, makes you weak, unable to appreciate the facts and kills.
  21. I am sure: you cannot let the unfortunate word "can't" stop you.
  22. For me, to create a business means to do something to be proud of, to unite talented people and to build something that can seriously change the lives of others.
  23. Do not be afraid to take calculated risks. Sometimes a crane in the sky is better than a bird in the hand.
  24. Remember: no one else on his deathbed regretted spending too little time in the office.
  25. I do not cease to be a businessperson, even when I am in a robe, and, of course, a strict suit does not add me business qualities.
  26. Tell employees your email address and phone number. They will not bother you for no reason, but your actions will give them a powerful psychological stimulus: they will know that if a solution to the problem requires your participation, they can turn to you at any time.
  27. The real leadership lies in being able to explain calmly and clearly, why a decision was made.
  28. As soon as some business stops delivering joy, I start thinking about change. Life is too short to live with a sour countenance.
  29. My slogan: Live fun and the money will come.
  30. In life, you always win something and lose something. Be happy and cheerful when you win. Do not regret the loss and do not repent. Never look back - you still will not change the past. However, I try to learn from its mistakes.
  31. If you start a new business and ask me what lesson I could share with you, then I will say “Be honest with every deal you make. Do not cheat, but strive for victory. "
  32. I think I will not stop until I fall.
  33. I firmly believe that nothing in life is impossible.

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