Women That Shared Photos Of Identical Freckle Break The Internet

Women That Shared Photos Of Identical Freckle Break The Internet
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In the age of the Kardashians and an era where everyone wants to look the same, having freckles on a certain body part can seem pretty unique and personal. However, a post on Twitter that soon went viral proves otherwise. A woman shared a photo where she showcases her wrist, challenging other women to do the same. Soon enough, the shared photos of identical freckles went viral and spread across the social media, with a lot of women as well as men confirming the existence of the magical wrist freckle.

A woman named Aaryn Whitley excitedly posted a photo of a freckle in the middle of her wrist, asking whether others also have the same freckle, or wondering if this was just a myth. While it was probably supposed to be only a joke, it soon took over the social media because it turned out that a freckle on the wrist is more common than you would ever think.

As you can see in the tweets we shared, people proceeded to take photos of their wrists, with thousands of women who were shocked that they have the same or similar freckle. Many women shared photos of the identical freckle, which soon spread to other social media networks too. One user that has an arm full of freckles posted their photo pointing out the darkest freckle in the middle of her wrist, saying: “The darkest one is THE one!”

While the photos became viral too fast for anyone to provide an official scientific explanation, Metro.co.uk, explained this phenomenon as a trait that is the result of being exposed to the sun. The freckle is defined as a highly-concentrated placement of melanin at one spot of the skin. That said, our arms are often exposed to the sun and it’s not too shocking why it appears in the same spot for many of us.

Unfortunately or fortunately for some, the phenomenon is not found on everyone. One Twitter user jokingly shared a picture of her and her friend who had a “freckle-less” wrist, captioning it with “She violated the law.” It’s worth noting that there were more people that didn’t have one, as well as men that reported on spotting the freckle on their wrist.

This viral post just proves that our bodies work in weird ways and that we have a lot to learn about them before we can fully understand them. Nevertheless, people sure enjoyed jumping on the bandwagon to share photos of the identical freckle phenomenon with others.

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