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Swallowed AirPod Still Working Inside Man’s Stomach

According to a report from The Daily Mail a Taiwanese man has proven that Apple has created some nearly indestructible devices. His accidentally swallowed AirPod is reportedly still working, even after spending time marinating inside his stomach.

Swallowed AirPod Beeps Inside Man’s Stomach

Ben Hsu is perhaps one of the most famous people in the world this morning. However, his fame comes not from some amazing feat of courage or athleticism. Nor does it stem from his ability as an actor or musician. No, Mr. Hsu’s popularity comes from a much more humorous act than one of brains or skill. He is the first person in history who has swallowed an AirPod accidentally, only to discover they were still operational inside his body.

Ben fell asleep with the devices still inserted in his ear canal. However, when he woke the next morning, he discovered that one of them was missing. When he could not locate it quickly, he utilized his iPhone‘s tracking feature and discovered it was still in the room with him. He says he could hear it beeping, and the sound appeared to follow him around his bedroom as he searched for it. After a few minutes of searching he determined that he had accidentally swallowed an AirPod while sleeping.

Laxative Gets Things Moving

Ben Hsu went to the hospital, where X-Rays revealed the device inside the man’s stomach. Doctors gave him a laxative to help him pass the device naturally. The accidentally swallowed AirPod was later recovered by Hsu in a railway station restroom. Thankfully the device was able to be passed naturally, as medics at the Kaohsiung Municipal United Hospital told him surgery would be required if the laxative did not do the trick.

Apple Bytes Tasting Sweet To Investors

Apple has long been one of the most desirable stocks to own. Under the leadership of Tm Cook the company has grown to epic proportions and profits have been huge over the last decade. Many investors believe the stock is still an excellent investment. Most analysts believe the stock will continue to grow in value, with some predicting that it could reach as high as $300 per share by next spring. It seems that while an accidentally swallowed AirPod may not taste very good to Mr. Hsu of Taiwan, Apple bytes are tasting quite sweet to investors from around the world. On a final note, I am sure Ben Hsu is thankful he swallowed an AirPod and not one of the new iPhone models.