2019 SALT Conference On Economic Opportunity Zones: Reinvesting In The Land Of Opportunity

Notes from Russ Bernard, Dan Kowalski, John Lettieri, Emanuel J. Friedman presentation at the 2019 SALT Conference called “Reinvesting In The Land Of Opportunity”

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Reinvesting In The Land Of Opportunity

Russ Bernard - Managing Principal, Westport Capital Partners

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Dan Kowalski - Counselor to Secretary of Treasury, United States Treasury

John Lettieri - President & Chief Executive Officer, Economic Innovation Group

Emanuel J. Friedman - Chief Executive Officer & Co-Chief Investment Officer, EJF Capital

Brett Messing - Partner, President & Chief Operating Officer, SkyBridge

  • Huge tax incentives for investing in opportunities zones
    • Tax incentive to roll realized capital gains into an opportunity funds
  • No gains until 2027, reduced gain of 15-20%
    • Any investments made and held for 10 years has tax free capital gains
  • Part of the Trump 2017 tax reform
  • The reinvesting in the land program connects the community itself to distribute capital instead of having the government do it
  • No cap on the amount to put into the system
    • Already a good traction rate
  • Allows for a diverse pool of mutually reinforcing projects
  • Some expect $1 trillion plus debt. Some expect $50bb; a lot of hype around the program and some think the program will not be overly successful
  • Opportunity Zones are like high school sex, everyone is talking about it and nobody is doing it
  • The slowness is attributable to changes in regulations
  • Lot of big companies are getting involved. Amazon, Google, DHL, Johnson and Johnson
  • The 10 year time frame makes it hard, because most people do not invest with that time frame
  • The point is to get investors to look at places they have not looked at before
  • Prices have already gone up in areas designated as opp zones
  • This is not a Trump program, this is a bipartisan agreement
  • More adults with out a GED than a bachelors degree in opportunity zones
  • Life expectancy is 4 years lower
  • Poverty rates are in the mid-20s%
  • There are outliers that people are upset about but needed to leave it desterilized to a degree
  • Real Estate  for reinvesting in the land needs to be new builds or major redevelopment, and some of that needs to be in some of the hardest areas to invest

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