“Ninja Bomb” Missile Can Strike Terrorists And Save Civilians

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The U.S. has reportedly developed a secret missile capable of surgical attacks on terrorist strongholds. The R9X missile, also called the “Ninja Bomb” or “Flying Ginsu,” is designed for pinpoint accuracy to take out terrorists without harming civilians.

What is the “Ninja Bomb”?

Citing multiple former and current U.S. officials, The Wall Street Journal reports that the so-called “Ninja Bomb” is basically a modified Hellfire missile. It kills a target using strong force rather than an explosion. The WSJ describes the way the R9X missile works as dropping a “speeding anvil” on someone from the sky.

In addition to the strong force, the R9X missile extends six long blades right before hitting its target, making the “Flying Ginsu” name a very apt name indeed. The missile is capable of tearing through vehicles and even buildings.

The U.S. started developing the “Ninja Bomb” in 2011 for the purpose of cutting down on civilian casualties in strikes against terrorists. Militants have often used civilians as human shields, so when a standard Hellfire missile explodes, it creates flying shrapnel and kills everyone in the vicinity of its target. Such missiles are good for blowing up vehicles or killing a group of militants who are close to each other. However, the R9X missile is better for targeting specific individuals in a group.

R9X missile currently in use

So far the R9X missile has been used a few times so far, the WSJ’s sources said. The U.S. military has reportedly used the “Flying Ginsu” in Iraq, Libya, Yemen, Syria and Somalia. The missile was reportedly used to take out Jamal al-Badawi in January. He was accused of planning and leading the bombing against the USS Cole more than eight years ago.

The officials who spoke to The Wall Street Journal said the “Ninja Bomb” should have been showcased some time ago because it demonstrates U.S. attempts to save civilian lives while continuing the war against terror. The Obama administration emphasized the importance of protecting civilians while taking out terrorists.

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