iRobot’s New Robots Can Team Up To Vaccum And Mop Your Home

iRobot’s New Robots Can Team Up To Vaccum And Mop Your Home
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iRobot has become a popular household name, thanks to its Roomba robot that can vacuum the floor efficiently. Now, the company has come up with an updated version of its cleaning robot, Roomba s9+. Also, to make cleaning easier and more thorough, the company’s new Roomba will work in tandem with the robot mop, Braava Jet m6.

iRobot brings robots that talk to each other

iRobot’s Roomba s9+ and Bravaa jet m6 will now work together as a team to help you clean your home. Once Roomba vacuums the floor, the Braava will automatically wake up to mop the floor. Both the robots feature iRobot’s mapping technology along with the Imprint Link, which allows the two devices to communicate with each other.

“With Imprint Link Technology, the Roomba s9+ and Braava jet m6 robots work together to deliver an extra level of clean by automatically vacuuming then mopping, without any effort from the user,” iRobot said in a press release.

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As with the earlier robot, the new robots can be controlled using the Home app. iRobot CEO Colin Angle refers to the new robots as “iRobot 2.0.” Both of the robots map the home and also store their mapping data separately. iRobot, however, notes that it eventually plans to make the devices share their mapping data.

iRobot’s Roomba s9+ is more powerful than the last version and comes with a new design that can clean along the walls and corners better. However, this new robot will set you back $1,299 ($999 without the Clean Base). iRobot introduced the Clean Base with the i7 that automatically empties the garbage or dirt collected by Roomba.

On the other hand, Bravaa costs $499 and is iRobot’s largest robot mop that can clean about 1,000 square feet in one go. Both the robots also need a steady supply of certain equipment from iRobot. The dirt disposal bags for the clean base cost $16.99 (pack of three), while the cleaning pads for the Bravaa jet cost $7.99 (a box of seven). Reusable wet or dry cleaning pads cost $24.99 a pair.

Both of the new robots will be available next month.

Roomba s9+ – what’s new?

Talking of the design changes to the new Roomba, it does not feature the classic circular Roomba shape. Rather, the new Roomba is flat on one side taking a hint from its closest rival Neato. iRobot says the new shape will allow the robot to get closer to the walls.

One major downside of such a design is that it requires more maneuvering, and thus, more battery. The company, however, claims that it adjusted the mAH accordingly. iRobot has also introduced a new mode, called PerfectEdge. The new mode orders the robot to clear along walls, doors and entryways.

iRobot’s Roomba s9+ comes with five smaller brushes rather than just three on the earlier model. Moreover, the new Roomba features 30% wider rubber brushes along with a 3D sensor, which helps it to move around the room easily and scan for objects at a rate of 25 times a second. The 3D sensor also helps the robot to automatically map and identify rooms, as well as remember the rooms that have been cleaned and those that still need attention.

Bravaa jet m6 – bigger and better

The Bravaa jet m6, on the other hand, is a bigger version of the iRobot’s bathroom and kitchen cleaning mop bot. It works the same way as earlier, all you need to do is fill its tank (bigger now), and it will use a sprayed solution and pads to complete its work.

iRobot has, however, updated the robot with improved spraying and larger pads. The robot also identifies stubborn stains, and thus, makes extra effort to clean it. Users get the dry pad option for quicker cleaning as well.

Moreover, there is now a button, which when pressed, ejects the dirty pads into the trash. The m6 also gets intelligent mapping, helping it to automatically clean multiple rooms. Intelligent mapping also means that the m6 comes with a charging dock, which it will use after its battery dies.

“The Roomba s9+ robot vacuum and Braava jet m6 robot mop are the most advanced robots that iRobot has ever built and the best home cleaning robots in the market today,” Christian Cerda, COO of iRobot said.

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