iOS 13 Screenshots Leak Reveals Dark Mode Is A Go

iOS 13 Screenshots Leak Reveals Dark Mode Is A Go
Image source: 9 to 5 Mac

iOS 13 will be unveiled in less than a week by Apple. Tech enthusiasts have been raving about the possibility of dark mode being added to the new OS, and a screenshot leak confirms this rumor to be true.

iOS 13 Screenshots Leak – Dark Mode Confirmed

According to a report from 9 to 5 Mac, screenshots leaked to them reveal that iOS 13 will indeed have a dark mode feature. This is something that Apple lovers have wanted to see included with the new OS, and it seems the tech giant has its fingertip on the pulse of its market base. The dark mode feature incorporates a sharp dark background in place of the routinely light one normally seen on Apple devices. While this drastically changes the look of the device, giving it an almost mystical vibe, it also could pack more benefits for users. In dark mode the phone’s display will not require as much power as it does to display a lit background. This could increase battery life and decrease the number of times you will need to plug it in to charge.

Other Changes for iOS 13

The post screenshot interface has also been changed for iOS 13. The screenshots leak reveals that along with dark mode, there will be a much nicer interface that appears after the screenshot has been taken. In older versions of the OS the post screenshot interface appears on a grey screen with very small markup tools. In the new update a blurred image of the user’s wallpaper appears and a much nicer set of markup tools is included. The iPad will also be getting a reworked set of markup tools that includes a rounded tray to hold them.

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The Reminders app will be getting a major makeover as well. The iOS 13 screenshots leak comes after reports that Apple will be getting an enlarged sidebar menu that has separate boxes for each category of reminder. Dark mode has been a hot topic, but changes like this will also have a huge impact on the useability for consumers. Updates that improve the look and accessibility of apps that consumers use every day can save time when scheduling appointments and checking calendar notes. On a side note, the Find My Friends and Find My iPhone apps will also be merging into a single interface in the new OS, making them even more versatile.

iOS 13 Update

The iOS 13 update promises to be a much more appealing update than iOS 12. The last updates were aimed at improving the OS and streamlining accessibility and functionality. Apple fans are ready for something with more eye candy than the last update included. With the images from the screenshots leak showing dark mode as one of the new features, it appears that we might get exactly what we want in the new OS. We will have to wait and see what else Apple has packed into the update.

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