Google Pixel 4 Vs. Galaxy Note 10: Which Will Win?

Google Pixel 4 Vs. Galaxy Note 10: Which Will Win?

Neither the Google Pixel 4 nor the Galaxy Note 10 is even close to being announced, but the excitement around both remains high. Some are even starting to consider a faceoff which pits the Google Pixel 4 vs. the Galaxy Note 10.

Google Pixel 4 vs. Galaxy Note 10 rumors

The latest rumors about the Galaxy Note 10 come from trusted tipster Ice Universe, who tweeted that the two biggest changes are nothing more than a design change. Da Vinci is widely believed to be the Note 10’s code-name.

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A reader asked Ice Universe if the Galaxy Note 10 will use the same camera hardware, and he responded with a simple “yes.” In another tweet, he emphasized that the Note 10 will be positioned as “stable and mature,” while those wanting “radical innovation” will prefer the Galaxy A:

The latest Pixel 4 rumors aren’t much better in terms of innovation, but they might suggest that Google could have the upper hand in the Google Pixel 4 vs. the Galaxy Note 10 battle. Sources reportedly told the YouTube channel Front Page Tech that the Google Pixel 4 will have quite a few changes from its predecessor. They said the Pixel 4 won’t have any physical buttons, which could be aimed at increasing the functionality of the Pixel’s Active Edge squeezable frame. The Pixel 4 is also expected to have a hole-punch screen for the camera and an in-display fingerprint reader.

The most important features

A recent survey highlighted price as one of the most important features of smartphones these days, which could be another way for Google to encroach upon Samsung’s success. The survey indicated that only about half of those with Apple or Samsung handsets planned to stick with them because the prices are too high compared to less expensive options with comparable features.

Forbes contributor Jay McGregor also brought up an interesting point which relates to the price, although he listed it as “eco-friendly.” He said being able to repair the handset easily would also make the Pixel 4 more attractive than the Note 10. Given that the survey above also stayed that only 27% of respondents felt like their smartphones will be out of date soon, it seems like repairability could become important because consumers want to keep their phones longer instead of shelling out big bucks for a new one.

Battery life is the other top feature listed in the survey, and if the Pixel 4 can have the battery life of the Pixel 2, then Google may have the upper hand here too. Of course, those who like the Note’s S Pen may not be persuaded to buy another phone easily, so in some ways, these two handsets aren’t entirely comparable.

Camera quality is also going to be important in the battle between the Google Pixel 4 vs. the Galaxy Note 10. If Samsung really is going to keep the same cameras in the Note 10 as it had in the S10, which wouldn’t be a surprise, then Google may have an opportunity to attract attention here as well. Google has already made a name for itself with the cameras in its Pixel phones, so a continuation of this trend could also help it beat the Note 10.

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