Versatile Blitzwolf Cordless Handheld Vacuum Cleaner [Review]

If you are looking to buy a handheld vacuum cleaner in the near future, you might want to check out the Blitzwolf cordless handheld vacuum cleaner. I recently received one to try out and write a review. Blitzwolf has a variety of products that you can check out on their website at A recent one is their cordless vacuum.

The Blitzwolf cordless handheld vacuum cleaner arrived in a couple weeks, shipping from Singapore. It was packaged enclosed in two boxes, although both boxes were somewhat crushed when I received them. There was some foam packaging, although I thought it really needed more due to the fact that by the time it arrived, some of the parts were jumbled around in the box, not in their assigned foam cutouts. Fortunately, nothing was broken or damaged, and the more important parts, the motor, was more protected.

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The instruction manual had diagrams and descriptions of the product in several languages – English, French, German, Italian, Spanish and Japanese. I followed the diagrams and instructions to put the vacuum together, which proved easy to follow.

The vacuum can be used with the long metal tube with power brush. Without the power brush attached, it can be used as a hand vacuum. There are two accessories for the hand vacuum: the bristle brush and the long crevice tool. The bristle brush tool would be good for vacuuming the car or upholstery. The crevice tool is great for hard-to-get-at places.

There is an accessory that can be attached to the long tube to which the attachments (bristle brush and long crevice tool) can be installed, but I found that they can fall off fairly easily so not really worth using.

Some of these types of vacuums you have to hold down the power button to run. This one you push the trigger button, switching it on, and it stays on until you push the trigger again. If you want to put it on high power, you need to push another button on the end of the handle.

The battery lights show up on the handle, clearly showing how much battery power you have left.

It is super easy to unload the dirt bin, one clasp to pop open and let the dirt fall into the garbage.

It is also great for vacuuming stairs. The swivel head turns fully left or right, making it easy to clean back and forth across the stairs. This maneuverability also makes it great for getting in and out of chair and table legs or corners; exactly what is needed for light touch-up vacuuming.

It is very light-weight, which would be nice for the elderly. Also, it is a very quiet vacuum.

It took about five hours to recharge the battery. It runs on high power for a little over 20 minutes before it needs to be recharged.

Effectiveness of the vacuum suction

I used the long metal tube with the power brush to vacuum my kitchen floor and low carpeted living room floor. I found that the low speed really wasn’t very effective and didn’t pick up all the bits of dirt and debris. The higher speed was great for picking up dirt and dust bunnies, hair, and dog or cat fur.


One issue with the setup was the “wall mount” that was included. Usually for these types of vacuums, you would hang the vacuum from the wall and it would charge in the mount. For this vacuum, the wall mount doesn’t actually hold the vacuum up, but the vacuum needs to sit on the floor and the wall mount would be basically just for keeping it from falling over. In order to charge up the vacuum, you have to manually plug in the cord to the vacuum. You can’t just put it on the wall mount and it automatically charges.

Also, the holder causes the vacuum to stand on its bristles, which I thought in time would crush the bristles. I am storing mine upside-down to lengthen the life of the bristles.

The brushes on the brush head seemed to me to be very soft bristles (I think they could have been a lot stiffer) which might be great for cleanup on a hard floor or surface dirt on a low carpet, but you couldn’t expect it to get deep into carpets. It is great for quick clean-ups for surface dirt.

The charging plugin I received was actually for a European electrical plug. I contacted them and they said that the shipping warehouse made a mistake. They offered to send me the adapter, but I didn’t want to wait two weeks so I just bought my own so that I could recharge it again. You might want to make sure that if you buy this product, it might be good to be sure that they send the proper electrical plugin adapter for your location.

My opinion

I think the Blitzwolf Cordless Handheld Vacuum Cleaner is a great little quick clean-up vacuum for kitchen floors and surface hair or fur on carpets, but don’t expect it to do a deep heavy job on carpet.

Considering the price, if you are just wanting something for daily light touch-ups, I think it’s a great little vacuum. No one want to haul out their bigger vac every day!

The Blitzwolf Cordless Handheld Vacuum Cleaner is priced at $89.99 on Banggood. If you use this coupon code at checkout, you can get 10% off: 12Blitzw.

Full disclosure: I received a free Blitzwolf Cordless Handheld Vacuum Cleaner in return for an honest review of the product.