ROG Phone Screen Cracks From Inside, ASUS Says Not Covered

ASUS’s gaming phone called the ROG came out last year. It has proven to be a great phone, but some users are now reporting a screen issue with ASUS’ ROG phone. Users claim the screen cracked by itself.

What is the screen issue with ASUS’ ROG phone?

Affected users have taken to product forums, social platforms and Amazon’s customer review page to complain about the screen issue with ASUS’ ROG phone. Users say the screen of their phone just blacked out while they were playing games or using it normally, reports tech site PiunikaWeb.

Further, users say once the screen blacks out, it does not return to normal. Moreover, users claim this issue occurs spontaneously. Some also claim that on inspecting the phone closely, they found that the screen has cracked from the inside.

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As can be expected, users say they never dropped their phone, nor has there been any external damage, even though the screen cracked internally. Moreover, the screen cracked on the inside even when the outer glass and the glass protector had no visible crack.

“Regular use, no drops, no hits. Using a silicon case. Playing some games and put in my pocket. Minutes later I take it out of my pocket, unlock the screen, it lights up for a second and then it goes black……Upon closer inspection I discover cracks beneath the glass, the display cracked from the inside!” one affected user said.

Users said when they contacted customer support, they were told this type of damage is not covered under warranty.

“Please take this under warranty! People say you charge $400+ to repair this. It’s so common and happening under normal use. Cracking from the inside cannot be the users’ fault. What if it was the battery exploding or the chip burning? Would that not be covered either??” said one user.

Are users being cheated?

Some users were asked to send their devices to ASUS. However, after inspection, they were told that the damage is not covered under warranty and that they will have to pay $400 to get the damage fixed. Moreover, some say after they shipped their device, they were sent pictures of a phone that was not even theirs. The images also show external damage to the phone which users say their phone never had.

“THESE INCONCLUSIVEIMAGES [sic] show the exterior of the phone on the front and back.  THEY DO NOT REFLECT THE WORK THAT WASSUBMITTED [sic] FOR REPAIR as fixed (which was the inner glass).  My phone is being held hostage until I pay$423.75 for damage that was caused while in the care of the ASUS repair technicians. The $423 is to replace all the parts that were listed as damaged(inner screen and back panel) when it should only be for the inner screen,” one user said.

In one case, the user said his phone didn’t even have an internal crack; rather, it just went dark. However, when he sent the phone to ASUS, the company sent images that weren’t of his phone. The company even asked for $500 for repairs.

“The pictures may be of the same model phone, but the phone in the pictures has wear and tear, deep scratches, dirt in USB port with missing cover, etc. These are not the types of damage that would occur in transit. But my phone was pristine,” one affected user said.

What can affected users do?

This screen issue with ASUS’ ROG phone appears to be quite widespread since many users have reported the same problem. In the vast majority of the reported cases, the company has outright denied a replacement and refused to honor the warranty. In one case the company initially agreed to repair the device for free, but later refused repair it free. There are a few instances in which users say their phone was fixed free of charge.

This screen issue with ASUS’ ROG phone raises several questions. The biggest of all is how the phone’s internal screen can crack without any damage. The phones are not even a year old. The next question is why the company is not honoring the warranty. The fact that so many users are reporting the same issue make it clear that there must be a hardware issue with the device.

Affected users don’t want to give up on their device but don’t want to pay $400+ for repairs for no fault of their own. There seems to be nothing users can do for now except go the legal route and initiate a class-action lawsuit against ASUS.