Apple Watch Series 5 Features: What To Expect

Apple Watch Series 5 Features: What To Expect
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Apple Watch Series 5 Features Rumor Mill

The Apple Watch Series 5 is scheduled to be launched later this year, and the anticipation surrounding the device is pretty intense. Already the rumor mill is full of hopeful snippets and mentions of incredible features that developers want to see Apple include in the device. So, what do we actually know so far about Apple’s upcoming watch?

Healthy Living Focused Features

According to the International Business Times, it is almost certain that the Apple Watch Series 5 will be focused on helping users lead a more healthy lifestyle. It is believed that the new device will include built in features that can help users monitor their heart rate, track sleeping habits, and even monitor blood sugar levels. There are also speculations that the new device could measure blood pressure and detect the presence of poisonous gasses in the air. If all of these features do actually become part of Apple’s new watch, then it will be one of the most versatile tools a consumer could purchase in terms of monitoring their personal health.

Improved Watch Face Rumors

One of the most talked about features of nearly every Apple watch has been the face. These have been unique and attractive with new designs for each series of the device. In the last release of the watch, Apple integrated Siri into the watch face. Now, developers are hoping to see Apple create a whole new standalone Siri watch face. This is one of the most discussed possibilities in forums surrounding the Apple Watch Series 5 features.

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If the Apple Watch Series 5 features include a standalone Siri watch face, it would improve the ability of users to access apps without having to navigate screens in order to do so. Having Siri integrated in this manner would allow users to create a more user friendly rotation of applications. By not having to switch watch faces to access different apps, they would be able to simply place their apps in a more accessible location. By being able to customize the Infographic Modular with lifestyle apps, rather than the standard email, Carrot Weather, and Overcast items that are currently in that section, they would make their devices more functional for them.

Apple Watch OS6

Apple Watch OS6 is set to debut this fall, and the advent of an updated OS for the Apple Watch could mean that users will find more interesting features in the new device. The Apple Watch Series 5 features are expected to be some of the most useful features ever integrated into a wearable smart device. If the new OS is as user friendly and versatile as it is believed to be, then this could be one of the best combinations ever. While it remains to be seen if a Siri standalone watch face is integrated into the new device, the addition of a more functional OS alone will be welcomed by fans from around the world.

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