The Inside Story Behind Apple’s Second iOS Game Ever

The Inside Story Behind Apple’s Second iOS Game Ever
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Apple, as you will be aware, has come up with a game that is based on Warren Buffet. The game called Warren Buffett’s Paper Wizard is the first iPhone game from Apple in about a decade. Apart from being the second game from Apple ever, this Warren Buffet-based game is special in several ways, including how it came into being.

Warren Buffett’s Paper Wizard – the story behind it

Apple’s latest game, it seems, is the result of someone having a brilliant sense of humor at Apple. That person was intelligent enough to convert a joke into an iPhone game based on the legendary Warren Buffett.

Over the weekend, Apple CEO Tim Cook made an appearance at Berkshire Hathaway’s annual meeting in Omaha, Nebraska. At the meeting, Cook played a cameo in a humorous short film, where Buffett visits Apple’s secret lab to come up with ideas for other breakthrough inventions.

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One of the ideas includes a time machine, where Buffett tells his childhood self to go for the Apple stock, notes a report from CNN. In the video, Cook is seen suggesting a newspaper-tossing iPhone game. Cook gave such a suggestion because Buffett in his childhood was a newspaper carrier.

Just days after that suggestion from Cook, Apple launched Warren Buffett’s Paper Wizard game. The game can be downloaded for free from the App Store.

Warren Buffett's Paper Wizard
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Apart from appearing in the short film, the Apple CEO told attendees at the Berkshire Hathaway annual meeting that he is “thrilled” that Buffett is an investor in Apple. Later speaking to CNBC, Cook said that Buffett’s investment suggests that Apple is no longer a tech company anymore. Rather, Buffett views Apple as a consumer company.

“(Buffett) has been very clear, he didn’t invest in technology companies and companies he didn’t understand,” Cook said. “He’s been totally clear with that. And so he obviously views Apple as a consumer company.”

About the game

In the game, players have to fling newspapers to earn Warren Bucks. The difficulty level of the game increases gradually as players move along the delivery route from Omaha to Apple’s hometown of Cupertino.

“Test your paper-flinging skills as you make your way from the streets of Omaha, Nebraska, all the way to Cupertino, California. Avoid vehicles and birds as you deliver papers to buildings near and far,” read the description of the game.

Playing the game is simple as well. You ride around a neighborhood and music plays in the background. A player needs to drag their finger at the bottom of the screen to adjust the trajectory and then release it to fling the newspaper toward the houses avoiding objects in the way such as birds, lightposts and mailboxes.

On the App Store, the developer of the game is listed as Wildlife Designs. However, as per the game’s terms and conditions, the app is managed, operated and copyrighted by Apple. Moreover, in the game’s FAQ section detailing the people who made the game, it is written that “Warren Buffett was the mastermind, and he had a little help from his friends at Apple.”

Apple Arcade – all you need to know

This is the first iPhone game from Apple since 2008, when it released Texas Hold’em. Moreover, the game hints of Apple’s growing interest in the gaming world. Apple has already announced its game subscription service, called Apple Arcade.

Apple’s service is not meant to stream games to iOS devices. Rather, it will allow subscribers to install the game available in the App Store. There are more than 300,000 games on the App Store currently, and Apple aims to add some of those games to its subscription service.

Apart from the App Store games, the gaming service would get 100 new and exclusive games, which will launch on the iPhone, iPad, Mac and Apple TV. These games will not be available on other mobile platforms or subscription service.

Subscribers to Apple’s service would be able to download and play the games directly from the App Store. Moreover, subscribers will be able to play games whenever they want and also play games across Apple devices.

Apple’s gaming service will launch in “fall 2019,” meaning somewhere between September and November 2019. Moreover, the service will be available in 150 regions at its launch.

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