Is This The PlayStation 5 Controller? We Hope Not

Is This The PlayStation 5 Controller? We Hope Not
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The PlayStation 5 is not expected to come for at least one more year, but there have already been numerous leaks detailing specs and games for the next-gen console. However, one new leak going around now is alleged to be an image of the PlayStation 5 controller.

PlayStation 5 controller with a touchscreen display

Ray Sekiro, editor of PlayStation-centric blog Remote Play, recently tweeted an image of what appears to be the successor of the DualShock 4 controller, which was launched with the PS4. The PlayStation 5 controller is expected to be called the DualShock 5 and appears to feature a touchscreen display.

The touchscreen display seems to build on the touch-sensitive panel between the traditional action buttons and the directional pad on the existing PS4 controller.

This touchscreen could help players PlayStation chat. It could also display details which players currently have to go to another screen to view. Another potential use for the touchscreen display could be to display maps for games such as Red Dead Redemption 2. This would do away with the need to access a separate screen.

Although the alleged PlayStation 5 controller is somewhat similar to Sony’s controllers, it looks a bit chunkier. In terms of shape, the controller in the leaked image is reminiscent of the current Xbox One controller. In addition to the touchscreen, the new controller features traditional action buttons, a D-pad and two concave analogue sticks.

Is the leaked image real or fake?

This new leaked image is in line with the long-running rumors of Sony adding a touchscreen to its next controller. However, this new leak must be taken with a grain of salt because it might not be the final design, or it could be entirely fake. Fans are not impressed with the alleged PlayStation 5 controller either.

“Wow. This looks uncomfortable to say the least. I didn’t think it could be worse than the DS3… DS4 at least TRIED to be more comfortable,” one user tweeted.

“Fine with the shape, but don’t like the screen at all. Another battery drainer,” another user said.

Push Square even called the image fake, saying, “This is less authentic than a Hollywood smile.”

There is no way to confirm whether the image is real or fake. Sony is not expected to reveal or even talk about the new console any time soon. The Japanese company won’t be attending E3 2019. Historically, the company has used the event to make important revelations, including the PS4 in June 2013.

At the very least, there is a good chance this is not the final version of the controller. Even if the leaked image is authentic, it could show the developer version of the console. The devkit consoles are usually not the finished product but instead are designed to allow developers to test the full functionality of the product.

PS5 release date in 2019 or 2020?

Sony is widely expected to reveal its next-gen console in 2020, although many believe the console could be showcased as early as this year. However, a 2019 release date is unlikely for two reasons.

First, PlayStation 4 sales are still going strong. The PS4 is well ahead of the Xbox One in terms of sales, even though the previous-generation consoles from the two tech giants were pretty close sales-wise. Second, several big exclusive games for the PS4 are still on the way. Sony’s PS4 may be almost five years old, but it has no dearth of exclusive titles. Most more such titles are expected to release this year, such as Death Stranding, The Last of Us Part 2, Days Gone and more.

Another reason could be the PlayStation 4 Pro, which is capable of 4K gaming. Thus, there is no need for the Japanese company to launch another 4K-capable console now. For these reasons, it wouldn’t be wrong to expect Sony’s next-gen console to arrive until next year.

As far as expected specs, Sony hasn’t announced anything officially yet. However, we can expect the Japanese company to partner with AMD for the PS5. Sony used an AMD processor and an graphics card for the PS4. There is no reason for Sony to change this combination, especially considering how good AMD’s Ryzen CPUs are. Moreover, the chip maker is capable of developing a true 4K-ready GPU.

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