CEOs Take Just A Week To Earn An Employees Entire Salary

CEOs Take Just A Week To Earn An Employees Entire Salary

How much do you earn in comparison to your CEO? New research uncovers how much CEOs earn in comparison to employees. have analysed the average earnings across different industries and locations around the world from Top To Bottom.

  • On Average, CEOs Earn £5.1 Million More Than Their Employees – The biggest disparity is seen in the Media industry as the top dogs earn around £17.8 million on average compared to an employee’s salary of £31,197
  • The Effect of Business Size… In a small technology business, employees earn around £40,000 on average, with medium-sized businesses salaries earning slightly less at £38,698. However if you work in a larger-sized business you can earn up to £10,000 more, with an average salary of £50,050.
  • Avoid Europe For Fair Pay –  7 of the top 10 countries with the biggest gap in employee to CEO salaries are in Europe. However, Poland had the smallest ratio of wage difference from worker to CEO.

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