41% prefer to trade cryptocurrencies on Binance, while 76% thing Crypto winter end in 2019

41% prefer to trade cryptocurrencies on Binance, while 76% thing Crypto winter end in 2019

Most of the respondents include Bitcoin when listing their favorite coins. 41% prefer to buy A Crypto Currency on Binance. Nearly half of the respondents consider Propy as their favorite Proptech company.

Q: Which is your favorite coin?

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Q1 hedge fund letters, conference, scoops etc

Q: Which is your preferred cryptocurrency exchange?

Real Estate And Crypto

Q: Which is your favorite Proptech Company?

Real Estate And Crypto

76% of the respondents think that the crypto winter will be over in 2019

Q: You believe that Crypto Winter will be over in 2019 or Crypto Winter will become worse in 2019

Real Estate And Crypto

80% of the respondents are more likely to buy a crypto currency when the crypto market is down.

Q: When the crypto market is down I am more likely to buy a crypto currency or I am more likely to wait for the market to recover

Real Estate And Crypto

52% of all respondents would invest between $1 000 and $50 000 in a tokenized property; 19% are not interested in such investments

Q: If you are offered a tokenized trophy property with 6% annual return on investment, you would invest:

Real Estate And Crypto

52% of all respondents used cryptocurrency in 2018 to invest or run their business, buy electronics, software, hardware, pay for travel and entertainment

Q: Did you use cryptocurrency in 2018 for payments? Please name the goods or the services you spent your crypto on.

buy a crypto currency

Half of the respondents consider Land registries/ Recording Offices and Agents & Brokers as potential areas for disruption by the blockchain technology

Q: What do you think, which of the following might be the first, disrupted by the blockchain technology?

Real Estate And Crypto

11% of 1 033 respondents experienced fraud in real estate

Q: Have you ever experienced a fraud in real estate. Please describe the fraud case.

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“Apartment for sale without the knowledge of the tenant.”

“Agent Fees not paid to Broker, Money wired to wrong account”

“Being sold a property which was bonded by the bank.”

“Email address was spoofed. Someone tried to contact my lawyer pretending to be me.”

“Prior ownership documents were faked.”

Most of the respondents hold at least one of the following cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Ether, XRP. Only 10% either do not have any savings in crypto or do not know the exact portion. 18% hold all their savings in crypto.

Q: Which cryptocurrencies do you currently hold?

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Q: What percentage of your savings are in crypto?

Real Estate

66% of all respondents feel that the real estate market in their area either is stable or is showing signs of growth.

Q: You feel that the real estate market in your area is:

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Nearly 40% of all potential buyers consider purchasing a property this year mainly because of the investment opportunities it provides. They are more likely to use traditional than cryptocurrency when paying for a property.

Q: How likely is for you to buy a property in 2019?

buy a crypto currency

Q: If you are likely to buy a property, what would be your motivation?*

Real Estate

Over 70% of all property sellers who participated in the survey own between 1 or 2 properties. They are more likely to accept crypto than traditional currency when selling a house.

Q: How many properties do you own?

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106 agents who participated in the survey are working for 62 different brokerages. Most mentioned are Re/Max, Keller Williams and eXp Realty. Nearly 40% of the agents are satisfied with their brokerage and do not consider to change it.

Q: Which brokerage do you work for? Do you consider changing the brokerage?

buy a crypto currency

Most of the agents use DocuSign and different transaction platforms. They close their deals without transaction coordinators.

Q: Which tools do you use to close deals?

buy a crypto currency

Q: Do you use a transaction coordinator?

Real Estate And Crypto

The State of Real Estate and Crypto survey was completed by: Propy newsletter subscribers and people who have accessed it from Twitter

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