How To Add Battery Percentage To iPhone X, XS, XS Max

How To Add Battery Percentage To iPhone X, XS, XS Max
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Apple introduced a new form factor with the iPhone X and added a notch to give users a bigger screen. However, the addition of the notch also reduced the amount of space available for the status bar, which now shows a lot less information, which means there is no battery percentage on the iPhone. Apple carried the same design over to the iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR, and thus, users have the same frustration with the missing battery percentage. However, there are some tricks to help you get the percentage indicator back.

How-to video to add battery percentage to iPhone again

Apple hasn’t completely removed the functionality which calculates battery percentage on the iPhone. Instead, it is hidden in the Control Center panel and is activated by default. This means you will just have to pull down the Control Center panel with a simple swipe to reveal the battery percentage on the iPhone.

“On iPhone X and later, you can see the battery percentage in Control Center. Just swipe down from the top-right corner of your display,” Apple says on its support page.

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Moreover, you can check the battery percentage no matter which screen you’re on. Thus, all you need to do to check the battery percentage on an iPhone is to swipe down the Control Center to see it and then push it back up to close it without even lifting your finger.

Another easy way to check the battery percentage on the iPhone is to plug it in to charge. Each time you plug your iPhone into a charging source, a graphic will come up revealing the battery percentage.

You can also ask Siri to check it. All you need to do is ask Siri, “What’s my battery percentage?” or, “What’s my battery?” and Siri will give answer with the battery percentage.

You can also view the battery percentage of the iPhone from the battery health section under the Settings menu. This option also shows the battery usage over the past 24 hours and the past 10 days.

You can also add the battery widget to the lock screen. To do so, go to the home screen and swipe to the right. Now scroll down the page and locate the edit button. Next, on the “Add Widgets” screen, search for “More Widgets” and tap the plus sign next to Battery. Now the next time you swipe from the home or lock screen, you will see the battery widget.

An easier way for jailbroken devices

Although the above methods of adding the battery percentage to the iPhone are easy, they are not as convenient as checking the percentage on models released before the iPhone X. There is no better way than to glance at your iPhone to see the battery strength. The above-discussed ways require you to perform one or two additional steps to check the battery percentage.

However, there is one way that will give the latest iPhones the same battery functionality as the models released before the iPhone X. T0 do this, you will need to possess a jailbroken device. A new tweak called BatteryPercent12 brings the numerical battery indicator to jailbroken iOS 12 devices.

Users won’t even have to sacrifice the battery icon when using this jailbreak tweak. This is an extremely useful tweak for those with a notched iPhone. BatteryPercent12 inserts a numerical value inside the tweaked icon in the status bar, so there is no need to change the battery or even remove the battery icon.

You can also customize the tweak to make it function the way you want. Some of the customization options are changing the colors, choosing whether or not to change the body of the icon to green when the phone is charging, and many more. To learn more about this tweak for iPhones or download it, head to BigBoss repo in Cydia. It is available for free.

Apple has provided powerful, efficient batteries in the iPhone XS, XS Max and XR. Compared to the iPhone X, the iPhone XS battery lasts 30 minutes more, while the XR can last 1.5 hours longer. Further, the 2018 iPhone models come with fast charging, which Apple claims can charge 50% of the battery in about 30 minutes.

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