This Jailbreak Tweak For iOS 12 Lets You Play Any App On CarPlay

The CarBridge team has now come up with support for the iOS 12. It is a popular jailbreak tweak that is helpful for those using Apple’s CarPlay system. CarBridge was initially released to support jailbroken iOS 11 devices.

How to get CarBridge ?

CarBridge for iOS 12 is free for those who purchased it when it was released for the iOS 11. For new users, it costs $4.99 and can be purchased from

Apple CarPlay is enjoyed by users worldwide and it offers several features that rival in-vehicle entertainment systems lack. With CarBridge, users can even extend what is possible with CarPlay. Moreover, this jailbreak tweak removes some of the restrictions put in place by Apple.

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To enjoy all the features offered by CarBridge for iOS 12 you will need a jailbroken iOS device. If you haven’t yet jailbroken your iOS device, you can do so by using UncOver. Then install CarBridge via the Chariz repository within Cydia.

Additionally, this jailbreak tweak supports CarPlay systems with a touchscreen display. Unfortunately, the systems that have the joystick or control pad, like the ones in the BMW or Mercedes vehicles, you will be able to see the app but won’t be able to interact with it.

CarBridge for iOS 12 – what it offers?

Talking of the extra features that you get, this tweak allows you to launch any app from your iOS device and also mirror it on the CarPlay display. Such functionality lowers your dependence on Apple-approved third-party apps for the CarPlay.

The CarBridge team says that it allows you to open two apps at a time – one for the phone and the other for the car. Also, a user is allowed to swap a “single app back and forth” between the phone and the car without closing the app.

Additionally, it bridges “official CarPlay apps which disables the official CarPlay portion of the app and enables the ability to show the full iPhone app on CarPlay, so you can use Apple Maps on your car without limitation, just how you remember it,” the team says.

A point to note is that even though CarBridge for iOS supports every app, some apps may not display properly. This is because not all apps are designed to work in-car. For such apps, however, CarBridge offers a Portal app. This specialty app allows users to directly view their phone’s screen and control it.

“With this you can use whatever app that is on your phone, just how it was intended to be displayed,” the team says.

Moreover, the CarBridge also helps you bypass the restrictions from Apple related to the default CarPlay apps. For instance, if you no longer require the “Now Playing” app, you can remove it with the help of CarBridge.

“CarBridge gives you the ability to hide any CarPlay icon you want. It’s your device and your car. It’s up to you to customize CarPlay however you want,” the team says.

This stops CarPlay’s autoplay madness

Separately, an annoying feature for many CarPlay users is the autoplay. Users have complained that when you connect your iPhone to the CarPlay-enabled stereo, it starts playing the same song every time. The song it plays each time is the first song in your music library, and that song is the one that starts with the letter A.

Luckily, there is a fix to address this frustrating problem. To fix the issue, all you need to do is add a silent song to the library. Also, do remember to name it such that it appears as the first song in the music library, notes a report from Cult of Mac.

According to the report, the easiest way to add a silent track is to buy one from the iTunes Store, it will only cost you 99 cents. The report suggests buying “A a a a a Very Good Song (Silent Track) – Single,” from Samir Mezrahi. This track is about ten minutes long and “consists of silence,” the report says.

Another silent song option is John Cage’s “4’33” but it won’t truly solve the problem. Though the track consists of silence, it doesn’t start with the letter A and Apple Music puts the numerical titles at the end. A solution for that would be to rename the title in Apple Music tracks in iTunes.

One doesn’t encounter the same frustrating issue with the 2018 iPad Pro. Though autoplay still comes into play when you connect the device into a USB-C hub connected to a speaker, instead of picking up the first song, it resumes the last played song.