A Comprehensive Guide To Stainless Steel


Stainless steel is considered as one of the best metals, when it comes to getting a material with appealing looks, durability and admirable resistance to corrosion,. Stainless steel sheet metal is highly preferred by the audience at large.

Apart from the industrial usage, stainless steel is a commonly used material in a non-industrial, DIY and home-improvement project environment. here are some reasons on why stainless steel is preferably used as an DIY enthusiast or simple home improvement and home repair projects:

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Benefits of Using Stainless Steel

  • Resistance to Corrosion

Stainless steel is an alloy that contains a minimum of 10.5% chromium content by the mass (which may vary). Due to this reason, it has excellent resistance to corrosion.

  • Anti-Bacterial Property

A stainless steel soap is commonly used in the kitchen that allows a person to eliminate bacteria or foul smell from hands. Simply rubbing it can help the most to get rid of germs.

  • Strength And Durability

Stainless steel is strong enough to hold a heavy weight. It therefore can be used for many years.

  • Temperature Resistant

Stainless steel is tough as well as ductile at any temperature, be it cold or hot.

  • Ease of fabrication

The ductility feature of stainless steel makes it easy for a fabricator to mend it in any shape.

  • Easy To Clean and Maintain

Using the right technique to clean stainless steel will help to maintain the metal and it hygiene.

Typical areas where Stainless Steel is being used in our lives every day.

  • Food and catering

As stainless steel is anti-bacterial, easy to clean, it therefore easy to maintain hygiene. Due to this reason, it is the commonly used metal for utensils and accessories that are used to cook or cater food. Above all, it is also used as finishes for kitchen such as the kitchen sink, backsplash, countertop, cabinet, etc.

  • Medical

Holding features of being anti-bacterial and rust resistance, stainless steel is used in the medical industry. Even most of the surgical tools are made out of stainless steel.

  • Energy and heavy industries

The chemical, oil, gas, and other heavy industries are worked under high temperatures, stainless steel is preferred the most as it offers high strength and durability.

  • Automotive and transportation

As stainless steel has resistance to corrosion and durable, it is commonly used for manufacturing automotive and transportation vehicles.

  • Architecture and construction

Due to an inherent feature of strength, flexibility and resistance to corrosion, stainless steel is most prominently preferred in architecture and construction.

Types Of Stainless Steel

  • Austenitic stainless steels: which comprise over 70% of the total production world wide.

This is the stainless steel MetalsCut4U uses generally. It is also known as 304 or 1.4301 stainless steel.

  • Ferritic stainless steels: which are highly corrosion resistant and less durable than austenitic grades
  • Martensitic stainless steels:which are extremely strong and tough
  • Precipitation-hardening martensitic stainless steels: that are known for their extreme corrosion resistance.
  • Duplex stainless steels which have a mixed microstructure of austenite and ferrite

Interesting Fact About Stainless Steel

  • In 1913, Harry Brearley, the Sheffield (England) metallurgist discovered stainless steel. He found out that 13% of chromium mixed into steel would resist corrosion, unlike plain steel which corroded pretty fast.
  • In the private and semi-professional sector, Stainless steel sheet metal is predominantly used as a basis to support DIY and home improvement projects. Stainless steel is no longer just used for industrial and the manufacturing environment


MetalsCut4U can help you suffice your DIY project evidently. You have the option to customize a stainless sheet metal fabrication for your purpose.. They are a leading fabricator that offers exceptional services for the retail , DIY and home owner customer.

Stainless Steel