Charlie Munger On Business Partners

Charlie Munger talks about picking the best business partners.

Charlie Munger On Business Partners

Charlie Munger On Business Partners

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We were we were very good yes.

I mean what was it that you looked for what you what were mistakes that you made learned from along the way in judging you would be good business partners to work with.

Well. First there there's some very good people. Family I want to call my work one friend. Buffett. So we had people we knew well we were really noble people. So we'd be and yet we had no basis to compare people. And we had a basis to get up very early in terms of capacity and talent. So we have a holiday in our heads that help us and I think we had some genetic advantages no IQ points just absolute quirks of nature that made us better.

Tell me about Harry Bottle, what you saw in him that was so...

Well I worked for them like Kronish business gotten terrible difficulties even though he'd help us work out of that business travel by downsizing. He knew how to do it and Wharton had a business that needed downsizing and did not know how to do it. So I put those two together. Of course it worked well.