Rogers Is Down In Some Parts Of Canada

Some Rogers subscribers are reporting that their service is down. Complaints about Rogers being down stretch back for several hours, so this outage has been going on for quite some time. If the weather reports are anything to go by, the outage could last for much longer.

Rogers Down

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According to reports from sites like Down Detector, subscribers are having issues with internet, TV, cable and phone, although the vast majority of complaints are about the company’s internet service. A spokesperson for Rogers confirmed the outage on Twitter.

Tweets about Rogers being down from angry subscribers have been quickly filling up the social network. The telecom company is offering to send subscribers a notification when the issue is resolved. To receive a notification when the service is back up, subscribers must send a direct message to @RogersHelps.

Rogers is down throughout Ontario and in Montreal

Specifically, it sounds like Rogers is down in southern Ontario due to weather, although subscribers in other parts of Canada may be affected too. Southern Ontario is being hit by an hours-long ice storm, which is probably why the service is out there. The company said some subscribers are also facing power outages in addition to the Rogers outage.

Most of the complaints about the outage are coming from Toronto and Mississauga, although residents of other cities in Ontario are also reporting problems. Montreal, Quebec is also high up on the list of affected subscribers, coming in third place after Toronto and Mississauga, so it isn’t just Ontario being impacted by the weather-related outage.

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