Xbox Two Could Be The First Console With PC-Level Graphics

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Microsoft‘s next-gen Xbox could be much more like a PC than all other consoles to date. A recent leak suggests the Xbox Two, which is generally believed to be code-named the Xbox Scarlett, could have PC-level graphics. If that turns out to be the case, the next Xbox could be the first console to compete seriously with PCs on the gaming front.

Does this leak really describe the Xbox Two?

PCGamesN spotted this Reddit thread, which purports to show a leak supposedly for the next-gen Xbox. However, we must emphasize that the source is unclear, and the person posted the image on the subreddits for both the current Xbox and the PlayStation 5. Thus, the poster apparently isn’t even sure what they were looking at, so that calls the entire thread into question. Here’s the image that was shared:

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Image source: Reddit

Nonetheless, the image has attracted quite a lot of comments, and it’s easy to see why. If the leak is real, then the next Xbox could have some very high-level, PC-like graphics capabilities. That fact alone has gotten Redditors talking about the image. The image is also quite detailed, but of course, we have no way of knowing whether it’s real or not.

Here’s what the leak claims about the next-gen Xbox

The person who posted the image on Reddit suggests it could show the safe mode BIOS for the next-gen Xbox. If it’s real, then it must be from a developer machine because they typically have higher-level specs than the consoles released to the public. However, it doesn’t mean that none of the listed specs will appear in the final version of the Xbox Two. If the image is real, then it offers a few hints.

According to PCGamesN, the data suggests the next Xbox could have discrete graphics chips inside. That basically just means that the graphics are separate from the CPU—something we would generally see in a gaming PC but not in a console, or at least, not yet anyway. A discrete graphics GPU generally offers better performance because it comes with its own source of video memory separate from the RAM.

One big problem

The GPU in the supposedly-leaked specs is code-named Arcturus, and some Redditors suggested that it could be the graphics engine for the next-gen Xbox. Microsoft must certainly be working on boosting graphics performance for it, and one way to bring the console a bit closer to the performance of PCs would be to switch to a discrete graphics GPU–or at least move in that direction.

The problem is that this could significantly increase the price of the next-gen Xbox, putting the price tag out of reach for many gamers. PCGamesN offered an in-depth explanation of what could be possible when it comes to next-generation tech under the hood of upcoming consoles. Whatever Microsoft ends up doing, it probably won’t go full-on PC style with the next Xbox’s graphics, but we do expect a major improvement from current-gen consoles.

At any rate, we expect rumors about the next-gen Xbox and the competing PS5 to continue swirling until something concrete is announced. We don’t expect either next-gen console until next year at least.

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