Kosher Wine And Food Expo Features Top Alcoholic Products

The Kosher Wine and Food Expo (KWFE) on February 11th, 2019, was hosted at Chelsea Piers in New York City. Numerous companies and vendors came to show their newest and best products to both trade professionals and the public.

Alcoholic products of all types were on display and open to tastings. Kosher bourbon, tequila, whisky, liquor, and, of course, wine filled the tables and people’s glasses. Despite the word “kosher” being the theme of the event, many people of varied backgrounds attended. After all, both Jews and gentiles alike enjoy a good drink.

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The Kosher Wine and Food Expo food vendors

The Kosher expo also featured food from high end restaurants and caterers. The food was meat or non- dairy, and all of it was delicious. The most inventive dessert of the show went to Great Falls Bistro. They served a heavenly cinnamon bun. However, after further inspection, the diner realizes that what they thought were raisins or nuts in the dish were actually some sort of sweet or candied meat! Our person favorite menu item was a classic and mouthwatering sliced pastrami from Table One Catering. Other tasty items included fresh falafel sandwiches from West Wing and mini stuffed potatoes from Bursting Spuds. Reserve Cut’s food was available to those with VIP passes.

In terms of the Kosher alcoholic beverages, one drink was better than the next. With so much competition all at one place, what seemed to stick out was not necessarily the most tasty drink (as they were all so good), but the most unique Kosher ones. There was a colorful assortment from Vincenzi. This is not flowery, figurative language. There were literally red, yellow, orange, white, and brown drinks being offered by the company. There was a hot cinnamon vodka from HEEET and grape-free wine made out of other fruits (such as pomegranate and passion fruit) from Morad Winery.

Even something like packaging could make a company’s product stand out. Take Buzz Ballz, for example. Their cans are sphere-shaped and kind of remind a person of a Christmas ornament. They come in bright orange, yellow, and green colors to correspond to peach, pineapple, and tequila flavors. The Cave had very high-end packaging for their Kosher wine. While the bottle looked like pretty standard Kosher ones, the container the bottle came in was a beautiful wood grain that reminded you of a wine barrel. Attention to details like this really added an extra touch.