Chinese State TV Asks: International Community Becoming Less Safe?

    More than 500 high-profile political dignitaries, a record number, are gathering in Germany for the 55th Munich Security Conference. They are there to look for solutions and, hopefully, find breakthroughs for a series of global and regional issues. What are the most pressing concerns for the international community topping the agenda this year?

    Is The International Community Becoming Less Safe?

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    Well I think they could have done something else that they were too kind. I think they probably should have renamed the conference to Munich insecurity conference because the world is changing before our eyes. We don't know where it's going. But many of the givens in the past decades are now up for grabs with a change from a liberal globalist order to a liberal order in some respects. And we don't know where that's going but we know that we have to hope for the best and prepare for the worst. So this conference comes at a very critical time. So it's like the decks of a card they're being reshuffled now. But we don't know where the cards are going to come out. It's a very important conference. The timing is critical and the world is in a state of flux without exceptions.

    Both the world economic meeting in Davos as well as many security conferences will always make headlines. So. What's your take about why people feel constantly that they only look to see the insecurity is not the end of the Cold War 20 years ago.

    I think we can find out. I mean important enough from this increasingly influence for this I must say in recent years. I think the one really is mostly or generally people feel not so safe like before. I think the really is indeed. We do have so many regional conflicts and those so some you in competitions beating players in the national arena. Of course I said another very important reason for the some safe feeling is now some players some countries are trying to use the security as is to meant to interfere with someone else. Some normal affairs international relations so I think that give up more and more worries from not only from MSA and also from the international community. We can find a very strong worry from this report you mentioned before that now it looks like one more big power competitions and then there will be some change or some effects from the some competition in lodging though some bilateral security issues like that. Now the problem is now the security could not be you know apart from the economic and trade issue because if we look at the whole background of the globalization. Globalization trend and yes the safety will be part of the deep deep globalization at the moment.

    And I'd like to add something too. In the past these conferences have primarily focused on military security but as you said we are moving away from that and another element that has to be considered is the global environmental picture because it's a very serious problem that is connected to the other elements of security. And I believe that this conference not only this time but in the future will more and more have to address the environment of many many concerns and issues on the agenda.

    Don't you think this international community is strong. Need leadership. What does that mean for this world of increasing uncertainty.

    Yes. Yes. Now look it crossing for not only for international community security and also just like you mentioned Gary because of the lack of leadership in the world. I think of course we appear not to get or not the attention that withdrawal of United States from some American Natural System and including some of the bilateral treaty like what happened recently. I mean the Intermediate Range Missile Treaty with Russia like that. So it gives a blurry peek across into the players for the people in the world. Yes perhaps the world has been used for this. We called the leadership under the leadership of the United States but at once the United States tried to you know get us less responsibility. How could the world the international community do. And also of course the side of another side of the equation is not yet for Western world. They could not or are reluctant to receive some new emerging powers as a part of leadership. How about the position of China, how could the Europe, United States deal with the issue with Russia.