Home Videos Why Fossil Free Is A Movement – VPRO Documentary

    Why Fossil Free Is A Movement – VPRO Documentary

    Why is fossil free a movement? Why are people coming together to create a fossil free movement and think of the fossil fuel industry as overvalued? A documentary that shows a movement that believes in a fossil free future.

    Why Fossil Free Is A Movement – VPRO Documentary

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    Even after the climate summit in Paris there will be long and difficult negotiations about how to deal with the ever more pressing problems of climate change. A growing group of people has lost confidence in the political system coming up with sufficient measures in time.

    It's down to us. How stupid is that?

    Will you have reached your goal when we sell our fossil energy stock?


    - But what is your goal?

    To stop being accomplices to climate change because it undermines the foundation of life as we know it.

    They target the financial sector and organized campaigns to age pension funds churches universities and governments to withdraw their investment in oil, coal and gas producing companies. In other words to divest from companies that profit from climate change.

    The real power in our society is in the financial world.

    That's why divestment is such a good thing.

    This divestment movement is gaining more and more influence. Several firms have already announced their divestment from fossil fuel stock. And surprisingly the movement is getting support from the financial world itself investing in fossil fuels turns out to be increasingly risky.

    I don't agree that we should sell fossil fuels for ethical reasons or that that's going to change society. It's the reason to sell fossil fuels is because they're overvalued.

    This is backlight. Welcome to a future of rising temperatures and falling stock prices.

    At a foreign hostel in summer in the Netherlands. A group of a new type of activists gathered the plans they are making in preparation for the Paris climate summit will probably have a bigger impact on climate change than all the deals made in Parliament and climate conferences put together.

    They're not just concerned about the climate but also about our pensions. That's why they are asking pension funds universities and governments to withdraw their investments in oil coal and gas producing companies to divest.

    Second we can think about what what we can be doing as part of a moment.

    They do this with demonstrations and banners but also with in-depth knowledge of financial markets and research into risks and returns.

    This morning we're going to be talking about the big moments that are coming up. I hear people have been murmuring about Paris a party something's happening. We're going to be talking about that this morning.

    The movement originated at universities in the United States and grew rapidly over the past few years all over the world.

    Ben Atif in the ABA for Suphalak compiled by Abbott paper forms Frasca hoon stating in Farsi ingeniously Stopa we are planning to ask the banks of Japan not to finance international coal projects.

    We are working on convincing the Berlin mayor to divest it public money that's invested in fossil companies.

    Although divestment movements campaigns receive support from New York. It is the home of 350 dot org a relatively young environmental organization may Bouvard leads the climate campaign's.

    There's a lot of momentum in Europe right now.

    I just looked over 42 countries are running the campaign and there's new victories absolutely every single day some some days there's victories every hour. You're watching Twitter and a new town will divest a new university a new bank in some cases.


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