Filza Now Supports RootlessJB iOS 12 Jailbreak

Filza Now Supports RootlessJB iOS 12 Jailbreak
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The race to release a full-fledged iOS 12 jailbreak continues with another big stride. The developer-only RootlessJB tool was released recently, although the general jailbreak community has yet to see a publicly-available option to jailbreak iOS devices. However, RootlessJB has received a major vote of confidence which could convince more developers to experiment with it. The makers of Filza File Manager have updated it to work with the RootlessJB jailbreak tool for iOS 12.

Filza updated for RootlessJB

TIGI Software announced on Twitter that it has updated Filza for the RootlessJB iOS 12 jailbreak tool.

The Filza File Manager is popular among jailbreak developers. Thus, TIGI has given the RootlessJB iOS 12 jailbreak tool a major nod by updating Filza to support it. Since RootlessJB is suitable only for developers, non-developer jailbreak fans probably won’t have the skills to make it work on their devices. The tool is currently an SSH-based jailbreak option, which means it lacks support for the public interfaces that non-developers would typically use on their devices, like the Cydia package manager.

However, according to Redmond Pie, the simple fact that Filza now supports the tool could convince developers to focus their efforts on releasing an iOS 12 jailbreak solution for the general public.

Progress on public iOS 12 jailbreak continues

It sounds like developers are getting closer and closer to making an iOS 12 jailbreak available to the general public. This month a member of the unc0ver team posted a video showing Cydia working on unc0ver’s jailbreak tool. Developer Sam Bingner said he jailbroke a device running on iOS 12 and then installed Cydia on it.

Although this is far from being a final iOS 12 jailbreak tool, it represents a major step. The only question now is which solution will be the first to cross the finish line. Current tools only support late versions of iOS 11, so cracking iOS 12 will be the next major milestone. It sounds like unc0ver may be close to jailbreaking iOS 12. However, it’s quite possible that another developer will see that Filza now supports the RootlessJB tool and choose to run with that combination.

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