A Conversation With Peter Schiff & Roy Sebag: Using Gold As Money

    Peter Schiff (advisor to Gold Money Inc.) and Roy Sebag (Mene) talk about different opportunities to invest in Gold.

    A Conversation With Peter Schiff & Roy Sebag: Using Gold As Money

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    Everybody thanks for coming. I passed out these cards for everybody to fill out. Poor thing putting his name email phone number a reason I. I passed him out. Finally I am in the process of registering all all of my mutual funds in Canada. I started my funds back I think in 2010 11 the first ones but so far no Canadians have been able to buy them but I'm now registering my asset management company in Canada so I will be registered I think within a month maybe two at the latest. And you know you'll be able to buy them directly from me. You'll be able to buy them from local firms including Echelon formerly Europe Pacific Canada. You can buy the funds and also I will be able to manage accounts directly from my asset management company in Puerto Rico. For Canadians. Up until now I've had to turn down Canadian customers prospects because I was not registered in Canada so that would be different in the future because we will be registered there and we'll be able to do business fill out these cards for the best ones.

    In your mind is a Cambridge mine.

    Click the link in the description below and just make sure you hand it back to me before I leave. If you don't I left some up there and that's so I can get a hold of you and let you know that we're registered and we're ready to do business but we want to spend today's workshop talking about a gold money talking about manee. We've got rice back here who founded both of those companies. And you know this is a gold conference. Most of the exhibitors here are mining companies who are looking for gold. And obviously you know fake you can find gold. It can be a lucrative business. But you know it can be a very bad business if you don't find any or you know if it's just too expensive to get out of the ground but there's a big difference between being in the business of mining gold or exploring for gold and just using gold as money because that is the best you know our main use for gold for the purpose for the point of view of an investor. Sure you have plenty of uses for gold in industry. In jewellery and things like that. But one of the best ways that man has figured out how to use gold is to use gold as money. You know gold has been money for thousands of years and the reason it's lasted so long is because it works so well. But governments you know often try to control our lives and one of the things they try to do is control money and change money and substitute money for what we now use as fiat currencies just pieces of paper that governments declare as legal tender and which have value purely based on faith and confidence and tradition but they don't have any value based on the intrinsic properties that they possess because they don't possess any for the good instead of wandering your mind is a Cambridge McComb's mine.

    Click the link in the description below.

    They're simply pieces of paper. There's no difference between a hundred dollar bill and a 1 dollar bill other than the number of zeros that's written on the paper. There's a big difference between a hundred ounces of gold and one ounce of gold. Because if you have 100 ounces of gold you can do 100 times as much stuff as you can do with an individual house but would gold money is really doing. Or the goal of gold money.

    Is to make it easier for modern people to use gold as money not just as a store of value which is an important part of money. And gold has always been a great store of value long term even if you're not using gold as a medium of exchange. You know everybody can easily use it as a store of value but it's the ability to use it as a medium exchange that really makes it function as money more than just a place to store your purchasing power. And that's what division of gold money was. Is that you can have an account online that you can easily open up. You can buy gold for a very small premium over the the the the bullion price. And have that gold stored in a way that you can access it very easily to either transact you can transfer portions of your ownership to other parties for whatever reason whether it's a gift or you've involved in a transaction and you're agreeing that the compensation is going to be in gold rather than some fiat currency and the application on a cell phone makes it easy for one person to transfer ownership of fractional amounts of an ounce of gold you don't have to buy it entire you know you don't have to give somebody a whole ounce of gold you can give a gram a goal and to make it easy for you to utilize your gold for everyday commerce to be able to access your gold by using a debit card as easily as somebody can access a.