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New ICO Report – OECD Comments

The OECD released a report on Initial Coin Offerings, just ahead of the World Economic Forum. Two of the advisors who participated in building the report provided their comments on what this represents for businesses around the world.


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Here is the comment from Joseph Weinberg (Chairman of Shyft, CEO at Paycase and Special Advisor for the OECD).

“Our ecosystem needs to have a voice at the table and needs to give the right people involved in regulatory decision making and policy creation the facts of how things work. The OECD has given us a platform to openly teach, educate and give research-based knowledge to governments and regulators around the world. I welcome this report, which calls for a balanced approach and the creation of standards that are based on the realities of how our space functions, operates and builds itself. I think the report findings prove that overall our ecosystem and the systems being built in it are largely positive for the creation of new markets, and new funding models for businesses around the world.”

Loretta Joseph, OECD Blockchain Advisor

“This report will help regulators and policymakers to harmonize and standardize policies around the world. We have worked very hard at bringing the ecosystem and policy makers together and look forward to this continued collaboration.”