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    What’s Next For Gold And Silver Investing In 2019?

    This week we look back at the gold and silver markets during 2018 and discuss what’s next for gold and silver investing in 2019. We’ll show the price movements of gold, silver, platinum, palladium, the ratios, DOW, S&P, and more. Thank you for listening to Golden Rule Radio the last two years. Have a good start to your 2019.

    What’s Next For Gold & Silver Investing In 2019? – Golden Rule Radio


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    We are going to start this week’s show with the current prices and then move on to year in prices with the anticipation of what’s coming this year. Miles what’s going on the metals today. Thanks Robert. Let’s go ahead and kick it off with gold since gold continues to lead the charge although not over the last week or two as we’ll look when we see the ratios here.

    So gold is currently sitting Wednesday at 12 the 85 20. Now we got as high as 12 88 right into that range that we had on our charts last week. So I’d be expecting to see a little bit of a cooling off period as it kind of finds its high point between around 12 85 and 13 10 with a potential correction back down. So we’re at that magic 6 1 8 fib that we’ve been calling for a while. And we showed on the charts last week so we’ll see how it plays out here in the first week or two of January. Like I said I’d expect to see it kind of level off here between here and hundred maybe slightly higher with a potential correction following that gold. Now silver as far as the white metals like I said gold had been leading the charge up until last week or two that gold silver ratio has gone from around 88 down to 80 just under 83 and silver has taken a pretty big charge leap up to the 2017 low and the 50 percent line. So gold still on the long run leading the charge. Gold hit that 50 percent line a month or so ago. Now Silver’s finally hitting its 50 percent line I’d expect the same since Silver took such a massive jump up from around 14. 50 to 15 50 in the course of a week week and a half. I’d expect to see a little bit of sell off in silver although if it moved update’s 6 1 a fib they’d be pretty bullish in such a short time period. For those of you waiting for silver we know it’s right around the corner that ratio is starting to show the cracks as it pushes back down slightly. Now obviously it’s got a lot of room to go. And Silver has a lot of room to go up but that’s the point. Right.

    It is the point. Why don’t you finish out the right metals Miles and I’ll get into sort of end of the year recap.

    Sure platinum on the other hand is still sitting at the low end of its trading range just at the 800 market has quite a ways to go to play catch up to what gold has been doing and what Silver is now doing. We’ve got some interim stopping points in the 838 40 range. But ultimately we need to get up around 875 to 900 to start arguing. Anything positive for platinum. So I think one of our listeners pointed out on our show last week the real ratio to be watching is platinum right now and I completely agree I think platinum is the sleeping giant and it should be showing the best potential gains when these metals really start taking off and by ratio you’re talking about platinum gold or platinum platinum ratio. Exactly. Both of those ratios look very strong for platinum right now. I think you said a couple of weeks ago that the platinum gold ratio is at the lowest point ever. If I’m not mistaken. Right. And then obviously platinum palladium ratio is substantially inverted to where it should be.

    Well and one that’s always left out is platinum to silver ratio. You know that end of the year fifty one to one in the long term average is closer to 90 to 1. So again showing the undervalued aspect of platinum.

    Rounding out the white metals palladium continues to compress at the top end of that channel could be running out of steam here. So palladium is right around 12 65 70 today. I’ll have a couple potential correction marks on the chart here but it can go a long way down and still be considered bullish. I mean well down into the nine hundreds and still be in bullish territory from twelve hundred. So we’ve had such a massive run up in palladium that it has a lot of wiggle room before anybody could consider it turning down. So what likely ends up happening here is it takes a little bit of a sell off if not maybe slows down its pace of growth over the next couple of years and unless platinum play catch up.