Mohit Khurana, Ex-Bluecrest Launches $800M Asia Focused Hedge Fund

    Bloomberg’s Lisa Abramowicz discusses a big fund launch by Mohit Khurana, a former portfolio manager at BlueCrest Capital Management. She speaks on “Bloomberg Daybreak: Americas.” (Source: Bloomberg)

    Ex-BlueCrest Manager Mohit Khurana To Start $800M Hedge Fund Focusing On Asia

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    This I found really fascinating so I’m Mohit Khurana who is a former portfolio manager at Blue Crest starting his own hedge fund. He’s getting 800 million dollars has a backing of his ex employer but it’s for Asian opportunities for change in Asia. And that was interesting because they have not necessarily done well this year.

    This is turning into the theme heading into 2019. You’ve got some of the biggest distressed debt investors and hedge fund managers heading to Asia I’m thinking about Oaktree for example which has come out and been very vocal about moving into China but there have been another number of others as well. It’s sort of interesting that this comes at a time when the credit cycle is turning. So it’s not necessarily stemming from confidence in the economy as much as confidence in the rule of law and in the rule of contracts because if you can rely on contracts and you can rely on people actually paying you back all of a sudden this distress becomes opportunity because you do have markets that are on even that are distorted where there might be aberrations you could jump into whatever is rule of law as a point you towards Singapore where this is base and also Hong Kong as opposed to other places. Yes and that’s something that you’re seeing which is a lot of the money and what have you know a lot of the fund managers are heading to Hong Kong and Singapore although people are saying look if Beijing is serious about opening up its market if they’re serious about the reserve currency of the U.N. I see you are dubious.

    This is a credible skepticism.

    David Westin it may happen on a number of years is a because that was going out with the WTO were no rule of law in China and it hasn’t gone as fast as we thought it would.

    This is the reason why there might be a market though and this is the reason why if you have one winner or two winners it could outpace losers dramatically because there is not necessarily the capital willing to take exactly that risk.