40th Anniversary Of ‘Message To Taiwan Compatriots’

40th Anniversary Of ‘Message To Taiwan Compatriots’
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On New Year’s Day 1979, China’s top law-making body issued a letter to “Taiwan Compatriots”, officially declaring the mainland’s so-called policy of “peaceful reunification”.  China is commemorating that anniversary and also mapping out the future path for cross-Strait relations.

40th Anniversary Of ‘Message To Taiwan Compatriots’

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Twenty years ago on New Year's Day 1979 China's top law making body issued a letter to the people of Taiwan officially declaring the mainland policy a peaceful reunification. Forty years later China is commemorating that history changing moment and mapping the future role for cross-Strait relations. Take a look.

It's not just a policy address President sieging speech is filled with emotional appeals to the people of Taiwan.

Nobody or no party can be gay the natural attachment and national identity shared by people of the two sides. Featuring our deep blood bounds and affinity to each other. Nobody or no party can stop the trend of the times that the Taiwan Straits nation will march towards peace and stability and that across every relationship will move forward constructively. Nobody or no party can ever is as a historical trend of a country empowering itself. National rejuvenation and the reunification of the two sides of the Taiwan Strait national rejuvenation is a key term repeatedly embodied by President Xi ever since he came into office a rejuvenation does not just mean revival on the mainland. Xi made it clear that this aim cannot be achieved without reunification with Taiwan side.

For the Chinese people who are striding towards a great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation that Taiwan compatriots were not the absent compatriots on the mainland and Taiwan should join hands realize the Chinese dream and take responsibility together for national rejuvenation and share the glory of national rejuvenation. The Taiwan issue was caused by the weakness and chaos of the Chinese nation and will surely be resolved through national rejuvenation.

President Xi also sent a strong message to promoters of Taiwan independence because the Chinese people would not fight against each other.

We are willing to make the greatest and most strappers for the future a peaceful reunification because achieving peaceful reunification is the most beneficial way her compatriots on both side of the Taiwan Strait and the whole Chinese nation. We will not promise to give up the use of force and we'll reserve the right to use all necessary measures against the intervention of any outside forces and separatist activities by the very few Taiwan independence separatists but absolutely not for our Taiwan compatriots presidency reiterated the long standing policy of One Country Two Systems as the solution to the issue an idea first proposed by former leader Deng Xiaoping.

The policy says that upon reunification Taiwan's current social system can continue unchanged and even retain its military serving as regional.

After peaceful reunification Taiwan will forever be peaceful and his people will live and work in peace and contentment. Having a strong motherland to rely on the livelihood ever Taiwan compatriots will improve and they will have more space for development. They will be more assertive and confident in the international community and feel safer and more dignified.

For more on cross-Strait relations we have in Taipei [inaudible] a professor from the Department of Public Administration and Policy University in our Bejing's studio. [inaudible] a senior research fellow from the Institute of International Studies. Gentlemen welcome to our program. Happy New Year to both of you in Beijing and Taipei.

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