Celebrity Investor Jim Rogers In The Spotlight

The world has changed rapidly, and many find themselves in a bind due to a failure to understand one another in international relations. Some people – like world famous investor Jim Rogers – seem to know how to roll with the times. Mr. Rogers has long been curious about cultural differences.

Celebrity Investor Jim Rogers In The Spotlight

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The world has changed rapidly and many find themselves in the confusion due to a logo I understand one another in international relations. Oh so you will live. Some people though like the investor, well known, Jim Rogers seemed to know how to roll with the kind's. Rogers has long been curious about cultural differences. Back in 1988 a young American man spent 36 days on his motorcycle traveling from Shanghai to Pakistan. He had his long winded filmed and the journey give him a firsthand experience as China's that was then very remote to the Western world especially to the United States. Later on his two daughters settled down with the family in Singapore and both of them learned of speaking mentoring really well. Recently I had the pleasure of hosting Ms Rogers and his older daughter happy rodders who is quite a celebrity in the Chinese social media. Our conversation went from relations with China and the United States to cultural exchanges and it all started from a point to come. Dynasty.

Yeah. So yeah yeah. Long Jewel. That was actually from the Song Dynasty.

It's called English.

I know those speech and I think it perfectly captures nature's beauty. For sure they lie there for a very short time. Oh my God.

Do you feel pressure pressure. I know that I'm hoping I know that I'm not. But but but one of the things I have I've learned a lot of Chinese culture from this point. Tang dynasty poems and so are so short and to the point. And they say a lot. It's amazing.

So many of them I didn't know that before concise and precise exactly through the poetry of China. But you know one of the things people are still fascinated by your family is I mean you are well known for being a while. I mean you write motorcycles how the world and sparking a very successful investor but you know your life has reached a stage. I care so much about your family and your family are absolutely fascinated by the Chinese culture. How is it.

Well I realized when I came to China that China would be the next great country in the world. And I used to tell people teach your children read. And then I had one. So what do I do now. So as you can see we move to Asia because of China. Both of my daughters speak fluent Mandarin. The loan is just now in a Chinese movie O as a matter of fact. What's the name of an here. Well it's coming out very soon and expects the other sister is already doing some publicity. I mean she's 10 years old and they called us. We didn't call them. The producer called up and said we want you to be in the movie because they saw her speaking Mandarin on the internet or something. So no we're everywhere we love China where we come here a lot.

I have. And they say the Villacis is going to be my guest. She's going to meet me how what they mean is she a climatologist. Well they may. Yum yum. Well I'm glad my entire Imam my imam showing up on I'm sure. And then I get that I'm. If that was too fast. Oh my God. Come come. And then when Chinese come to insist that you learn at school linking 18th why you came to China.

Long long time think about it when maybe 35 years.

Yeah I was terrified when I came because American propaganda all my life and said the Chinese are evil vicious dangerous bloodthirsty people. I got off the plane and I was going to be murdered. But then I quickly found out that the Chinese are cultured educated ambitious hardworking. And then I realize what China's the next great country in the world. I better learn a lot more about China and here she is.

Well is it time to see out. This country is on the rise.

1988 I drove my motorcycle from Shanghai to Pakistan all across China and I was stunned. Every day they walked all these.