The Best And Worst Performing Hedge Funds In 2018

    Bloomberg’s Jason Kelly discusses the best and worst performing hedge funds in 2018. He speaks on “Bloomberg Daybreak: Americas.” (Source: Bloomberg)

    The Best And Worst Performing Hedge Funds In 2018

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    We spend so much time last year about how bad the hedge funds are some positive finding here guys because you had DE Shaw you had Brevan Howard you had Ray Dalio you had Odey European you've got a global macro. These guys made big money in 2008.

    And what I think is so funny about this know especially looking at Brevan Howard and BridgeWater these are two of the biggest names and I felt like we spent so much of 2018 saying you know the days of the star manager are over and notably for Bridgwater. You know this is the pure Alpha Fund fourteen point six percent gain last year. That is versus a six point seven percent loss in the hedge fund and I mean that is outperformance to say the least.

    And one of the questions for me is the boom and bust thing because BridgeWater actually has returned over 12 percent since [inaudible] set inception of this fund. They've been Brittney's it consisted. Crispin Odey had 56 percent gains but he's had some pretty bad years too right.

    I mean BridgeWater really stands out. You know we talk about in all of the businesses that we cover you know people who have really kind of made put some daylight between them and their competitors. BridgeWater certainly has and notably about Ray Dalio is not really even running the firm anymore I mean he's really stepped back heel with David McCormick and Eileen Murray really running the show in Europe plate apparently for Brevan Howard for example most of the profits last year actually came in.

    Yeah. So it was like a good day and then he had a better year after that but not necessarily meaning because they were great not their position for the whole year.

    And we'll see whether macro continues to be a good strategy in 2019. I mean this year is going to be a tough one to say the least in terms of where and how to make money well.