Investing In The New Art World: What You Need To Know

For Centuries the art world has been branded ‘elitest’ and access only granted to the blue blooded, those with two things: financial and social capital, in the art world it’s quite a simple equation: money equals influence the more you have the more important you are (AND the quality of the artwork) creates value and what others are willing to pay for the work, that is how we define the market value.

Art has been a symbol of class and wealth. A talking point at the dinner table and now one of the safest financial asset’s. The art market, one of the only unregulated markets in existence was the fastest to bounce back after the 2008 financial crash. The reason being that the higher you go in price point the harder granted the access, evidently tracing back to the post-war period, when a small group of dealers and collectors essentially created a canon and pushed up prices by trading amongst themselves. These patterns have only intensified as new buyers from Asia, Russia, and elsewhere have entered the market, further inflating prices for the agreed-upon. Online art market sales reached an estimated US$4.22 billion in 2017. 52% of those who bought online last year say they will buy more art in the coming 12 months. 50% of the online purchases are below $5,000, the largest area of the market. (His Cox 2018 Trade Report )


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Sattelite Junk by Michal Raz, 2018

For those of you  who aren’t Kings, popes, princes, cardinals, poets, and humanists, the typical patron that was shaped during the Renaissance, the format still serves as a social mechanism and economic engine that elevated the anonymous practices of creation to the realm of the liberal arts. Through the “rise of the individual” we elevate the artist to a new level of social and cultural importance. AucArt has created a democratised digital platform that gives the opportunity for one, for all to become a patron by creating a direct access channel to artists at their earliest point in their career. As we begin to see the beginning of the end of the class system (We are a little behind in the UK) The birth of technology echoes through in the shape of buzz words blockchain, algorithm, and AI, but that’s as far as it gets. AucArt responds to larger pivotal points that have changed the demographic & behaviour of today’s art consumers.

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Natasha Arselan by Andree Martis005

The spread of wealth – there aren’t different inventory/different prices for different clients – We offer complete transparency – giving you the price and the access to the same artworks! Globalisation, it’s an online digital platform that now has thousands of clients worldwide, who are able to purchase and collect art from anywhere in the world (the work comes directly from the artist studio), the platform facilitates and co-ordinates international shipping, usually you will receive your latest artwork within 7 working days. Using technology we at AucArt allow those usually kept on the outside access to a highly curated network of art school graduates from the top schools across the UK and soon to be US. So just like Charles Saatchi, Anthony d’ Offay and Sheikha Al-Mayassa bint Hamad bin Khalifa Al-Thani, you can support an artist from the very beginning and enjoy the priceless joy of supporting an artist whilst building an art collection of the future.

How do you add value to the artist you’ve invested in? You share their work with others, by talking about it , sharing photos on social media, and encouraging your friends into buying works & supporting the same artist of your choice artist. Gone are the days where a private collection is PRIVATE, Collectors are always showcasing/borderline boasting on their latest acquisitions, and why shouldn’t they, you… Living in the presence of art is priceless… it really does change your life, you won’t know it until you’ve experienced it. In our first year of trading 20% of artists we have featured on the platform have increased their market value by up to 300%. I see AucArt as an incubator for launching their career. By offering early career artists a supportive art network of global collectors, social media & press opportunities we set their market value, expose them to future opportunities and validate their credibility.

Each month at AucArt we invite an art world insider to guest curator & choose their favourite works, we’ve recently welcomed Kami Naglik, Head of Collection development at the Tate, Marta Gnyp Renown art historian, Antonia Grosse Head of Patrons at the Serpentine, without AucArt it would be very difficult for an artist within this period of their career to be seen by these individuals. So if you are looking to start a collection, I advise you just the same as I did… To invest in recent graduate artists with AucArt, within 3 clicks & 7 days, the artwork will go from the artists studio to your address it’s quite extraordinary. I find it quite exciting just knowing I am one of the first to discover an artist, I share this feeling with many of our clients, others refreshed by the bursting energy that is portrayed in the works by the upcoming un- moulded pool of fresh talent. Sign up to today.