Manfiter Tire Pressure Gauge Inflator/Deflator For $19.82 Only!

Manfiter tire pressure gauge inflator/deflator digital with 235 psi compressor is on sale, offering a 29% discount with code 29GPPVRE, making the final price $19.82.

Manfiter Tire Pressure Gauge Inflator/Deflator

  • DIGITAL ACCURACY: Accurately check a range from 0-235 PSI ( 0 – 16.2 Bar; 0-1620 KPa; 0-16.52 kg/cm²) and calibrate and check the tire pressure within 1% range 0.1 display resolution. Digital display used to tire pressure gauge to solving problems about reset the tire pressure gauge to zero by itself.
  • ALL-IN-ONE: Digital tire inflator with chuck, gauge, hose, and bleed valve, all in one unit; Compatible with ¼” NPT air compressors output. 4 different units for free switch: PSI, KPA, Bar, and Kg/cm²,
  • BRASS PARTS & STAINLESS STEEL: Heavy duty stainless steel and brass can prevent rust; suitable for all vehicles, such as car, suv, truck, motorcycle, bicycle (with schrader valve) etc.
  • INCREASED SAFETY: Properly inflated tires provide better performance in all weather conditions, decreasing the possible of flats, explosions, and crashes; Increase your MPG and reduce fuel costs and tire wear
  • AUTO OFF& BACKLIT : Auto off after 30 seconds of inactivity.The LED backlit light behind the compass would also be auto off. Backlit light makes visibility at night clear and convenient.


Brass Air Chuck

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Heavy duty stainless steel and brass air chuck can prevent rust.

Tight Connection

High-strength copper pipe thread tight connection.

Bright Large LCD Display

Best bright LCD display with clear readings in the dark

Easy to use

press the inflatable thumb trigger to start the inflation. Bleed Valve Provide deflation function.

¼” NPT and Air Chuck

Thread Seal Tape Roll is wrapped around the 1/4″ NPT

stainless Steel Fitting” according to the method in the figure.

Providing more stable inflation protection and no leaks,

Twist-on Air Chuck is recommended.

Twist-On 90-Degree Valve

Using twist-on 90-degree Valve when

the tire inflator is difficult to install.

Twisting Method

Connect the car pressure gauge to the tire according

to the direction of rotation as shown. Groove on the

knob to facilitate the better you will be connected to

the car tire pressure gauge tire.