How To Use Google’s Call Screen Feature And See Transcripts

Pixel 3 Google’s Call Screen Feature And View Transcripts
Image Source: Google (screenshot)

Google’s Pixel 3 phones arrived with some pretty impressive features, including Call Screen. The feature allows Google Assistant to respond to phone calls and even record a live transcript of an incoming call to help you know if the call was important. Although Google’s Call Screen feature was rolled out previously, the transcription part of it was not available, so as soon as the call ended, the transcript would disappear.

What is Google’s Call Screen feature?

Google promised earlier that the option to save transcripts would first be available to beta testers and then to all Pixel users some time before the end of the year. As promised, some users now say they are seeing the ability to save transcripts. Hopefully the feature will be made available to all users before the end of the year.

Now users won’t have to stare at their Pixel screen to check if the call screened by the Assistant is worth answering. Google’s Call Screen feature is an easy way to monitor incoming calls from new numbers. When you get a call, you can let the Assistant answer it and then view the transcript of the caller’s responses.

It must be noted that the transcription’s quality may vary from call to call, but it should give users an idea about the incoming call. The feature is powered by artificial intelligence and operates in real-time. According to Google, the feature is fast, responsive and secure. Moreover, it can run without a data connection and keeps power consumption to a minimum.

How to view Call Screen transcripts

Google’s Call Screen feature is built into the Pixel 3 phone app, and it has also been made available to the Pixel 2 and Pixel phones. The feature can be activated by tapping the “screen call” option, which appears when you receive a call. Once activated, the Google Assistant asks the caller the purpose of the call.

To check if your Pixel phone has received the ability to save a transcript, open the Phone app and then click the “Recent” tab. Now select the call for which you used the Call Screen feature and then tap “Call Details.” If you see the “See transcript” option there, it means you can now view the transcript of the call answered by the Assistant. The same process is used to access a saved transcript after a call has ended. In addition to showing the transcript, the feature also encourages users to submit feedback about Call Screen by rating the quality of the transcription.

If the “See transcript” option is not available, all you need to do is wait as the feature is still being rolled out. If you want to try the feature now, you can join the Phone app beta on the Play Store.

Google fixes many Pixel 3 issues

Google has also released the December security update for Android. This update is extremely crucial for Pixel users because it includes several functional patches to boost the performance of the Pixel 3 phones.

“The Pixel / Nexus Security Bulletin contains details of security vulnerabilities and functional improvements affecting supported Google Pixel and Nexus devices,” Google said.

Notably, the patch claims to fix the poor memory management which has been forcing the phone to close background apps earlier than usual. After the update, you should be able to multitask without music or podcasts stopping.

Other important updates and fixes are related to the camera. According to Google, the patch adjusts the “autofocus behavior” and improves the “camera shutter performance” on the Pixel 3 phones. Google has also improved “contouring on HDR color on certain media apps” for the Pixel 3.

The patch also carries updates for the Pixel Stand and Android Auto. The update improves keyword detection and the always-on display. For Android Auto, the update improves compatibility with the Pixel 2 and 3. The patch also carries a fix for the original Pixel phones as well. Google says now all Pixel phones will offer better unlocking performance over Bluetooth devices.

The update started rolling out on Monday. If you still haven’t received a notification for the new software update, you can check if the update is available by going to the phone’s Settings menu. Scroll down to “System,” and then select “Advanced,” followed by “System Update.”

To learn more about the December security update, visit this link.