No, This Leaked Fortnite Season 7 Trailer Is Not Real

No, This Leaked Fortnite Season 7 Trailer Is Not Real
Image Source: Reddit (screenshot)

Fortnite Season 6 is set to end later this week, so players should prepare for the next season. Although Epic Games has not revealed the release date for Fortnite Season 7, fans believe the new battle pass could be revealed on Dec. 6 or 7.

Epic says the Season 7 trailer is fake

So far, there has been no announcement from Epic about Fortnite Season 7, but like earlier seasons, the upcoming season is also expected to be fun. Epic is expected to share details and teasers about Season 7 as we move closer to the release.

Meanwhile, a Fortnite Season 7 trailer was shared on Reddit on Sunday. This trailer looked so real that many believed it to be the official season 7 trailer. As the fake trailer gained popularity, Epic stepped in to prevent it from harming the upcoming season. Community Coordinator Sean Hamilton tweeted that the trailer is fake:

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The trailer was posted on the game’s most active subreddit by a Reddit user who goes by the name FortniteLeakInfo. That account, which was created on Nov. 24, had no other posts besides this trailer video.  The user did their best to present it as a real video taken from Epic’s official trailer.

The fake trailer shows planes flying overhead, which plays into the latest speculation that the next season could bring new vehicles, possibly including a plane. Further, the trailer uses outfits from the current season, and it even ends with a snowstorm, which is currently approaching in the season 6.

Why does the trailer look fake?

Although many believed the trailer was real, most suggested from the start that it was fake. Many parts of the video looked real, but some parts hinted that it was fake. Those who said the trailer was fake noted that it doesn’t match the quality of Epic Games’ previous trailers for Fortnite. Although the shaky camera effect tries to conceal the quality difference by intending to show that it’s captured from a real video, the trailer still lacks quality.

Moreover, it does not mention the iceberg which has been moving around the map in the current season. The trailer also doesn’t show anything about the castle on the top of it. Additionally, many things in the background are not animated, further hinting that it’s a fake. Even the animated parts are styled differently than the cinematic style Epic Games uses. The planes, which are the most credible thing in the trailer, are also no match for Epic’s styling.

Further, the trailer has no sound and is rated PEGI 12. The lack of a soundtrack suggests it could be a work in progress, as the music depends on the region. However, if it were an unfinished trailer, it wouldn’t have the rating because ratings are only given after everything is finalized. Additionally, the PEGI rating symbol is not placed properly.

What to expect from Fortnite Season 7

As far as what to expect from Fortnite Season 7, it seems pretty likely it will be based on the winter season. Further, new code has been discovered, suggesting part of the Fortnite map may be destroyed. Fans speculate a robot army will come out of the Tilted Towers to destroy that part of the map.

Another robot-related rumor refers to an image showing a robot landing on the Battle Royale map with a parachute. The robot is looking at the map and possibly calling more robots, leading to speculations of a new limited-time mode (LTM).

According to data miners, references even hint at the destruction of the Tilted Towers. However, such an event has long been expected, and fans have been eagerly waiting to see a weapon, a natural calamity or anything else destroy the area. Epic may be waiting for the end of the year to make a change as big as this, or it may have simply added this to the code with an intention of keeping data miners busy.

With just days remaining before the start of the new season, Epic has now started dropping in-game hints. Nintendo Switch players are noticing portals appearing across the Battle Royale map. Switch players have previously seen similar mini-events pop up before other platforms.

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