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Crescat Capital Up 40% In 2018 On Everything Bubble Short

Crescat Capital December 31 2018 update to investors below. We are happy to report estimates for Crescat’s 2018 performance: Profit Attribution by Theme Investment Outlook Summary September 20,...
cold war 2.0

The Point: China-U.S. Ties Set To Get Worse In 2019?

2019 is destined to be a significant year in history. It could be the most consequential for China-U.S. ties since the two countries established...
Vladimir, Putin

Russian Government Detains US Citizen In Moscow, Spying Suspected

Early this morning the Russian Federal Security Service (FSB), the successor of the Komitet Gosudarstvennoy Bezopasnosti (KGB) released a statement on the arrest of...
Howard Marks Books Early Stages Of A Bull Market daily new cases Howard Marks oaktree capital value investing value investors valuation metrics famous investors PE ratio PB ratio EV/EBITDA PEG ratio

Howard Marks Says This Is The Only Reason To Buy

There's been a lot of talk recently about where we are in the current economic cycle, especially since the bull market entered its tenth...

Investors Are Seeing Red As Redemptions Hit Record High

It seems investors are becoming increasingly fed up with underperforming equity strategies, so redemptions continue to climb. To quantify just how poorly the equity...
hentai haven warning

Hentai Haven Warns About Scam Sites And Discord Servers

There’s another new chapter in the Hentai Haven saga. First we heard that the popular website was shutting down, and then we heard that...
Racism America Trump SBA Google search for idiot, Donald Trump

Why Trump Can’t Legally “Close The Southern Border Entirely”

Even Without Trumplaw, Judges Under Trumplaw Likely to Block His Efforts involving southern border actions WASHINGTON, D.C. (December 29, 2018) - In addition to the...
Santa Claus Rally


Logos LP year end commentary discussing the Santa Claus rally and what they think of 2019. Santa Claus rally? No Santa Claus rally? Naughty or...
Robert Shiller affecting stock prices Irrational Depression economic developments hill-and-valley pattern Competing Entertainment Options stock investors Tourbillon Capital Partners SPX Partners

Robert Shiller Worried About Market Turmoil And Possible Recession

Robert Shiller, winner of the Nobel Prize in economics, told CNBC on Thursday that he's concerned about the upheaval in the stock market and...
Hedge Funds Since The Financial Crisis

This Is The Worst Year For Hedge Funds Since The Financial Crisis

It's no secret that most hedge funds have had a particularly difficult year, and now that we have 11 months of data, it's become...
AT&T Power Drum

Wireless AT&T Charger To Charge iPhone And Apple Watch Together

Apple may not have delivered on its promise of releasing its AirPower charging mat so far, but that does not mean a multi-device charger is...
Pluto Exploring Probe Kuiper Belt

NASA’s Pluto Exploring Probe To Visit The Kuiper Belt

When NASA’s New Horizons probe launched in January 2006, it was hard to believe it would ever reach the dwarf planet Pluto. Many astronomy...
iPhone XS Max Caught Fire

Ohio Man Claims iPhone XS Max Caught Fire In His Pants

It seems 2018 can't end soon enough for Apple. It's been a bad year for the company, and now if this latest claim turns...

Cannabis And The Next Big Bubble

CBD, a three-letter word that has slowly been creeping into our visionary space. Yet, just like Bitcoin, it is an elusive money-making machine. To...
Universe Is riding on An Expanding Bubble

Study Suggests Universe Is Riding On An Expanding Bubble

There are many mysteries concerning the origin of our universe, including whether there are other universes, as suggested by the multiverse theory proposed by the...