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Top 10 Best Gyms In The World For All The Fitness Freaks [LIST]

So you like working out? And you often travel around the world? When you go to a gym, you know what to expect. And if you like, you can shell out some extra money for additional perks. That’s why even the large gym chains feel pretty normal. But there are some centers that take the workout thing to a whole new level. Redbull has compiled a list of the best gyms in the world based on their size, equipment, aesthetics, unique experiences, and other factors. Let’s take a look at the best of the best.

Top 10 best gyms in the world

10- Oxygen Gym, Kuwait

Started by Bader Bodai more than a decade ago, the Oxygen Gym is so large that just taking a tour of the gym would be like breaking a good sweat on the treadmill. Bodai now has four Oxygen Gym centers in Kuwait, each of them well equipped. No wonder Bader Bodai has been able to turn the Kuwait Bodybuilding team into one of the best in the world. Besides cardio and free weight training areas, it also has sauna rooms, prayer rooms, and a parking lot.

9- Swerve Fitness, New York

Swerve Fitness is one of the best gyms in the United States. You may have seen Swerve featured on TV and in magazines. This is the place where ‘indoor cycling meets team competition.’ They have 45-minute rhythm rides where bikes are arranged into three teams, each of them pushing on the others with competitive distance racing. The team dynamic ensures that you work harder, push your limits, and reach your goals, together. You can take on hills, sprints, and upper body exercises with your team for a full body workout. What’s more, you can have your workout stats emailed to you right after the class.

8- Fifth Element Wellness, Melbourne

The next time you are in Melbourne, Australia, visit the Fifth Element Wellness and you’ll forget about big chains. The gym has top-notch equipment, energized instructors, an organic coffee and juice bar, a beautiful Yoga Studio, a climbing wall, infrared detox sauna, and a bunch of fitness programs for different types of people. They take a holistic approach to wellness and fitness.

7- NFC Court, San Francisco

The NFC Court is one of the most scenic gyms in the United States, overlooking the Golden Gate Bridge. It’s one of its kind, bringing free urban fitness to parks, developments, and campuses across the country to make fitness a social experience. You can head over to their fitness point for Yoga or weight training and finish the workout with a run through the Presidio National Park.

6- Aqua Expeditions, Peru

This gym promises to give you one of the best workout experiences if you want to break away from the crowded urban gyms. It’s built on the Aria Amazon River Cruiser. You can break a sweat while enjoying stunning views up and down the Amazon River, with dense jungle on both sides of the river. If you think the cruise experience itself might not be that good, you should know that it was ranked among the world’s top 10 best river cruises by Travel+Leisure.

5- Illoiha Omotesando, Tokyo

This one is unique in that it has taken inspiration from Alice in Wonderland. The gym has two floors, which has been turned into a studio with an unusual two-story ceiling to unify the entire space. Its climbing wall has elements like mirrors, picture frames, flower vases, bird cases, deer heads with hard-to-find holds and unusual finger grips. Yes, you have to use them to climb up and around. If you want to try a different kind of workout, this is it.

4- Third Space, London

Third Space operates some of the best gyms in the UK, with multiple centers in the city of London. The luxury fitness chain has tons of equipment, space, and well-trained instructors. You get your own concierge. If you have some extra cash flowing out of your pocket all the time, you can buy their VIP membership where you get private massage chairs and laundered gym kit.

3- Das Gym, Vienna

The Das Gym is so freakishly focused on fitness that they have even put chip up bars in the showers and given lockers in a nickname (Dave Draper, bitch tits, etc). If you are feeling a bit low on motivation, it has motivational posters all over the walls. Just watch the video above and you’d want to book a ticket to Vienna right now.

2- La Belle Équipe, Paris

By far the best gym in Paris. Located close to the Gare du Nord station, this one focuses on Thai kickboxing. However, its cozy walls, light paint, uncluttered decor, and wooden shelving retain the charm of Paris. It offers special classes for busy people dealing with anger, stress, fatigue, depression, and other lifestyle problems. The ambiance evokes a sense of calmness, peace, and serenity.

1- Brooklyn Zoo, New York

According to Redbull, it’s the best gym in the world. It’s a parkour paradise with top-notch equipment and well-trained staff that teach you so well that even novices feel jumping, tumbling, and navigating the obstacles is fun and easy to learn.

These are the top 10 best gyms in the world, with each of them unique in some way. The next time you are in one of these cities, you know where to go for an awesome workout session.