ShowBox Outage Sparks Speculations That It Might Be Shutting Down

ShowBox Outage Sparks Speculations That It Might Be Shutting Down
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ShowBox, a popular and free media streaming application, allows you to watch your favorite movies and TV shows right within the app. Millions of people around the world love it. But the recent ShowBox outage has sparked speculations on the Internet that the service might be shutting down. Folks at Piunikaweb report that the ShowBox APK has stopped working. It has been down for more than a day. Is ShowBox going to suffer the same fate as MovieBox?

Showbox outage: People getting ‘Connection error’ messages

There is no official information yet on what’s causing the ShowBox outage. People trying to access the app – which is borderline illegal to use – are greeted with the message “Connection error. Check your Internet connection.” There is no message suggesting the app is broken. There appears to be a problem with servers that deliver content to users for free.

ShowBox is not directly available in the Play Store. You have to go to its website to download the app APK on your Android phone or PC to install the app or run it on your PC. It wouldn’t charge you to watch videos; neither would it show you any ads. The APK download is still available on the website, but the app will stop working once it is removed.

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Amid the ShowBox outage, a lot of other websites are offering downloads of the app. But you should refrain from downloading the APK from those sites because they might be trying to exploit users and attack their phones with malicious software. ShowBox itself shows content that it doesn’t own rights to, but it’s popular because it’s free and much easier to use than other illegal tools such as torrents. Another similar service called Popcorn Time was also shut down due to immense pressure from Hollywood studios.

Amid all this, a Twitter user named @Showboxapkpro said, “App is going through a bug fix. Don’t worry it will be over soon.” There is no way to verify if the Twitter handle is related to the ShowBox developers. The handle appeared on the same day people started complaining about the ShowBox outage.

Twitter user Geek Corner conducted a poll asking their followers if they were happy that ShowBox was closing. Most people were not happy at all. The ShowBox outage occurred only about 10 days after the developers rolled out an update. Tech vlogger Free Tech believes that the app is gone for good.

ShowBox recently drew some criticism when a handful of websites promoting the app began warning visitors that they were being watched and could face potential lawsuits. It was part of a legal settlement between those websites and Hollywood studios. Earlier, GoDaddy was forced to reveal the identity of the person who registered the domain name

Notably, MovieBox has already been shut down. Popular app installer TweakBox confirmed that MovieBox is dead. The developers also revealed to @dtathemes, “Sorry, but it seems to me that the app will not work anymore. The team decided to close the iOS project. Thank you for your help you have provided these years.”

Before being shut down, MovieBox was available on both iOS and Android devices. It’s not yet known why the developers pulled the plug on MovieBox.

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