Pixel 3 Users Now Report Overheating Issues While Charging

Pixel 3 Users Now Report Overheating Issues While Charging
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Since the launch of the Pixel 3 devices, users have been complaining about a plethora of software and hardware issues with the new devices. Now many users are reporting overheating issues with the Pixel 3 while it’s charging.

Overheating issues with the Pixel 3

Affected users have taken to Reddit, Google’s Product Forums, Twitter, and even YouTube videos to complain about the overheating issues with the Pixel 3. According to the complaints, the phones are getting too hot while charging and are shutting down.

Based on the complaints, it appears that wireless charging is to be blamed for the overheating issues with the Pixel 3. Users say they are experiencing the issue on Google’s Pixel Stand, slower third-party chargers and in some cases with wired chargers as well. Some users are reporting the overheating issues while watching a video or live-stream or taking a video call while the device is charging.

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“I’m experiencing overheating and shutdown without warning during video calls while charging. It happened once during a Zoom (mobile app) conference call, and again during a WhatsApp video call. For the Zoom call I was using the Google Pixel Stand, and for the WhatsApp call I was plugged into an Anker 39w Car Charger,” one Reddit user said.

Most smartphones have overheating protections in place, including the Pixel 3. Such protections are triggered when a phone reaches a specific temperature. In some cases, users are sent an alert about the excessive heat, which Pixel 3 users also say they are getting. If the temperature remains high for some time, the phone automatically turns off to prevent any damage.

Is Google failing as a hardware maker?

It is not common for a phone to heat up during charging. Frequent overheating and shutdowns are cause for concern, so Google must take the issue seriously. As of now, it is not clear how widespread the issue is or if it is a hardware- or software-related issue. Some users say they were able to get a replacement device which did not have the overheating issue.

Google has yet to acknowledge the problem officially. If you are facing the same issue, contact the support team so Google knows the extent of the problem.

The company has failed to come up with an issue-free device even though the Pixel 3 is the third generation of the smartphone line. With the first Pixel, which was announced in 2016, users complained about a lens flare with its camera after a photo was taken. With the second-gen Pixel devices, users reported display issues, including a blue tint and screen burn.

There is no doubt that the Pixel phones are among the best smartphones in terms of camera quality and other features, but all the problems stain Google’s reputation as a hardware maker.

Other issues with the Pixel 3

Overheating issues with the Pixel 3 is just one of the many problems users are facing. The handset, which features 4 GB of RAM, also has RAM management issues. Since the launch, many users have complained that their phone is unable to perform even simple tasks like taking a picture while another app is running in the background. Google only recently acknowledged the memory management issue and assured a fix soon.

“We’re rolling out a software update in the coming weeks to keep background apps from being prematurely closed in certain situations,” the search giant told 9to5Google in a statement.

Google’s statement does not make it clear what the issue actually is, as it notes that the problem shows up only in “certain situations.” The company also gave no clear timeline on when it will issue the update to fix it. However, the patch can be expected to arrive in the December security update, as the November security update is already out.

Google also recently talked about another problem in which users reported failing ambient display notifications on the Pixel Stand. The search giant told Android Police in a statement that in rare instances, the “notifications don’t come through when Pixel 3 is docked on Pixel Stand.” Further, the company said that until it releases a fix, affected users just restart the phone to fix it temporarily.

Apart from problems, other issues reported by Pixel 3 users include poor audio in videos, random freezing, photos not being saved to the onboard storage at times, and disappearing text messages.

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