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ValueTalks Interview: Simon Lack, Founder Of SL Advisors Returns

ValueTalks latest podcast can be found below, this one with Simon Lack.

Hello Listeners, Simon Lack, the founder of SL Advisors, is back for another episode. We discussed energy investments and briefly his thoughts on hedge funds.

Simon Lack, Founder Of SL Advisors
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Interview with SL Advisors Founder Simon Lack

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Q3 hedge fund letters, conference, scoops etc

1:36 - Can you tell me about the shift to eliminate the general partner and MLP structure?

3:20 - What are some opportunities that you are seeing?

4:35 - Can you tell me about the shale process?

7:10 - Can you talk about the state of the supply and demand going forth?

9:05 - You said the energy business cycle has been cyclical, can you talk about the supply side slow response function?

10:55 - How can investors take advantage of that?

11:25 - When you evaluate those companies, what do you look for?

12:05 - Can you tell me about Elliot Miller and the issues he raises about the industry?

13:35 - Can you share some of your favorite questions that he has been raising?

14:30 - How do you evaluate growth projects?

18:13 - How is the index progressing along?

19:00 - Can you talk about the AMLP short?

20:20 - What are the technological developments in the industry?

23:35 - Will there be consolidation in the next few years?

26:25 - General thoughts on the hedge fund industry?

31:05 - When you were investing in hedge funds, what were you looking for??

33:25 - How did you evaluate their track record?

34:30 - What are your favorite books? Enjoy and thanks for the listen!